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See a key difference difference between raw and processed honey

Photo comparing processed and raw acaciaIt's not a great photo but hopefully you can see the difference between a fine filtered commercial acacia honey (on the left) and our raw acacia. 

It's the bits in raw honey that help to give it its character and flavour - they are a main part of the difference between raw and processed honey. 

These bits are pollen, propolis, beeswax and sometimes bits of royal jelly.

The pollen in particular helps to give raw blossom honey its flavour.

One of the consequences of a particularly raw honey with lots of bits like this is that they help to seed raw honey - that is they hasten the process whereby honey solidifies.

This is nothing to worry about - it is actually one of the signs that the honey is raw.

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  • Vaclava on
    I Ordered from your shop already three times and I am definitely not going back to other shops.

    Your honey is just amazing! And it disappearing so fast as the kids love it too.

  • corbell shaw on

    your honey is one of the best honey I’ve tasted ,and the Raw honey shop shall now be my honey supper .great honey thank you.

  • NASSER (ali) on

    I like your Honey it’s raw and natural
    Because it has flower taste

  • Rosemary Weedon on

    Thank you for your emails regarding Raw Honey. I am using your Oak honey at the moment and find it delicious ! As i did with the Forest Honey and the Heather Honey. Will be back to try other flavours. Best regards

  • Michal Jelenfy on

    received orange honey, decent taste, nicely high quality… Thank you.

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