Premium Raw Artisan Greek Pine Honey in Traditional Clay Pot (with free honey dipper) - 500g

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Raw Artisan Greek Pine Honey In a Traditional Pot Designed & Made by Thomas' Neighbour.

  • This is one of the best Pine honeys we have ever tasted, if not the best.
  • Coarse-filtered, unpasteurised, and enzyme-rich.

  • Raw, natural and pure, because of the remote area it comes from.

  • This raw Pine Honey comes from Agios Konstantinos, a remote place renowned for its natural beauty and preserved wilderness. 
  • This honey has an intense pine with the vivid aroma dried fruit or baked figs - slightly  spiced overtones.

When I visited Thomas he told me about his neighbour who is a potter. Together they created a design, which we liked, and then this was fired up to create a traditional Greek honey pot. To this Thomas has added about 500g of his Pine honey. We are also adding a free honey dipper. This would make a delightful present, which we can be refilled again and again with some delicious honey.

Thomas' Raw Greek Pine Honey is a unique type amongst the tree varieties, and is regarded as one of the best honey varieties available. It has a strong, sweetly pine aroma with waxy, spiced overtones, similar to cloves or other warm, winter spices. The flavour starts with a strong sweetness, which comes on very quickly with dark, dry fruit and prominent cooked fig flavour, finishing into a sweetness that lingers at the back of the throat. It would pair particularly well with white, creamy cheeses or a rich vanilla ice cream.

Colour: This particular honey is dark brown when runny, turning a lovely, creamy yellow when crystalised.

Origin: This variety of Greek pine honey comes from Agios Konstantinos, a remote place renowned for its natural beauty and preserved wilderness. 

Who produces this honey?: This Pine variety comes from Thomas and his beekeeping family. They take great pride in producing honey in a traditional way, without adding or taking away anything. Their hives are located in secluded forest glades. Thomas, who works with his family to tend bees and produce raw honey in the mountains of southern central Greece, has great enthusiasm for raw honey and natural hive products. Thomas and his family are working towards getting organic certification and everything is produced to organic standards.

What about the tree the honey comes from?: The pine tree is part of the conifer family, a resinous evergreen that can grow up to 80 metres in height. They generally live between 100 and 1000 years, sometimes even longer, the oldest one to date was found to be 4900 years old!

Common Uses: Pine honey is particularly good to use in Greek yoghurts, breads and ice cream, but perhaps best is to simply enjoy this delicious prized honey on its own.

Greek pine honey facts: Honey from pine trees has unique attributes - the bees love to feed on the liquid the aphids leave after they burrow into the bark and pine cones drinking the sweet tree sap.



Please know that raw honey does crystalise and this is a natural process that occurs mainly due to the natural glucose in raw honey. For more information on why honey sets visit this article and for a more scientific explanation go to wikipedia.

 About Us - Here at The Raw Honey Shop we take honey very seriously and we believe honey should be RAW, unpasteurised and 100% natural. Since 2008 we've been introducing our customers to a whole new world of pure all natural unpasteurised raw honey. With a product catalogue consisting of over 30 different raw and organic honeys we have a variety to suit all tastes.

Thank you for visiting our shop and we look forward to introducing you to a world of raw, pure and truly wonderful natural honey, the way the bees would want it!

*Product photo is representative of this product. Honey colour and texture may vary depending on the season and level of crystalization. Please check the product title and description for accurate contents.*


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