You can get 10% off (on top of existing discounts) from now until noon on Wednesday (3rd February).
Here's how the discount works and exact details on how you can apply the discount:
As the 10% off applies on top of existing discounts you could get up to 35% off on a case of honeys (15 jars). 
More than this the 10% off applies to any product and orders of any size - even one or two jars.

So you can even get discounts on the premium honeys we don't normally discount like Nikolaos' superb Greek pine).
How do you claim the discount?
Just put (exactly as I have typed here) 10%SPECIAL in the coupon box on the order page.
Any problems then click here for a short video showing you exactly where to put the coupon.
Want to order now to get at least 10% off and up to 35% off (on 15 honeys or more)? 
Remember, you can select any honey. You can search on the site if there are specific honeys you have in mind.
Go here to start ordering any raw/raw organic honey in our 3 day 10% extra off sale.

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