From the Mountains of  Os Ancares in wild Galicia a new delivery of David's Premium Mountain honey

"A lovely, mild caramel foretaste, which opens into a tropical floral aroma and finishes by settling into a slight burnt sugar bitterness. "

David's organic Mountain is a premium dark thick honey. with the kind of flavour that goes on and on. It finishes with an aftertaste reminiscent of tea tannin.

Raw mountain honey is gathered from a wide range of mountain and forest 

plants typical to the region, including chestnut, oak, heather, brambles, and other blossoms.

 I got a big surprise when I went to see the hives, where this honey comes from.  I was standing talking with David right by a group of hives.

Suddenly a giant stag jumped out of the undergrowth and galloped off at a hell of a rate.  Amazing!

The area where the bees are is a great for wildlife including bears (who love honey). The beekeepers protect the hives by placing them in stone enclosures.

(You can see the hives through the doorway, although I'm afraid this isn't a very good photo)


The region is the beautiful and unspoiled Galician mountains of Os Ancares in the northwestern corner of Spain. 

David with his hivesDavid's bees (that's him in the photo) work at altitudes of over 500m above sea level.

Galicia is a very underpopulated place, where the bees can roam in mile upon mile of wilderness with no contact with cultivated land and pesticides.

Here a couple of things you should know about this honey.

Mountain honey facts: Bees kept at higher altitudes will have a much shorter period of time within which to gather nectar and make honey before the seasons change.  This makes high altitude honeys rarer due to their smaller supply.  

Mountain honeys also tend to have a slightly thicker consistency due to their low moisture content.

You can find David's organic Mountain and his other honeys here.

Finally, something really important to note. At this time of year honey crystallises quickly. We cannot guarantee the state of the honey at this time of year. But it is easy to return honey to runny by placing it on a radiator (on top of a book to prevent direct heat) with a towel draped over the jar to keep the warmth in. 

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David & Karen

David & Karen

Received my first delivery today of Multi Floral Honey, it is absolutely delicious, by far the best honey we have ever tasted. So glad we found you.
Good wishes
D & K

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