This month:A free dark 250g Forest for you when your order come to £55+ until midnight Sunday. New wilderness honey selections for Eid & Father's Day. Worrying news of an ecological apocalypse that is devastating insects and birds.

Something really bad is happening to insect and bird life that I want to highlight to you.   

It makes me so angry when I read about giant companies like Monsanto and Bayer promoting their pesticides, herbicides and gm crops to farmers - particularly after seeing a recent German study that found a 75% drop in the number of flying insects in the last 25 years. 

Yes, we love our bees and we don't want them to die - but not always the other bugs who sting us. Yet all of them are absolutely crucial to the birds and the whole chain of life on this planet. 

That's why I thought I would bring to your attention a campaign by Chris Packham (of Springwatch), that is coming up in July.

It's seems pretty obvious that the pesticides and herbicides pumped out by companies like Bayer are one of the main causes of the decimation that Chris wants to survey.

That is why we go to some of the wildest, purest places, to seek out our honeys.

Thomas & his family in a Greek Fir Forest in Argithea, Greece about 1100 metres up.Just a couple of days ago I got back from spending some time with organic beekeepers in a very wild landscape in Greece close to the Albanian border - and then in various mountains and forests in national parks throughout Greece. 

What I did notice was a lot of harassment by various biting insects - a sign that at last in these localities the pesticides aren't in use.
I am glad that the bees can go about their business without having to collect nectar from plants that have been sprayed.

There will be more from me on this trip soon as I want to tell you about some really interesting honeys I discovered, including a very aromatic mountain herb honey.

Anway....this is what we are highlighting this month:

I know there are occasions coming up of great importance - Eid is this Thursday (Eid Mubarak if you are finishing your fast!) and there's Father's Day.

So we've put together a series of selection sets and gifts (including some Greek honeys).

You will receive a free 250g of Luisa's dark thick forest if your order is over £55 (and this isn't just on the selections, it applies to all products).

This is what we have:

  • An artisan set of Thomas' Greek honeys that includes Pine, Forest Blossom and Heather in a jute gift bag.
  • A Summer Selection of Coriander, Lemon, Wild Lavender and Sunflower in 500g jars (except for the Coriander, which is 470g).
  • Organic selection of Orange, Oak and Lime in 500g jars in a jute gift bag.
  • Family Size Raw Antibacterial Honey Bundle - 20kg
  • All of these sets can be found here
  • Our main catalogue is here
  • Fresh bee pollen is here.

You get free shipping for 3 kilos upwards and extra discounts for 6, 12, 18 and 30 jars - potentially giving you massive savings.

Call in if you want and speak to Ombeline to make your order - 01273 682109.

Remember, the 250g Forest offer on orders of £55 plus ends at midnight on Sunday. And it applies to every £55 you spend, so if you spend £110 or more then you get 2 x 250g Forest.

All the best, Tim


If you're okay for honey right now would you consider passing the details in this email on to a family member, friend or colleague who is into raw honey? With thanks. Tim.

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