What makes Sidr Honey special?

If you have heard of Sidr honey before it means you are a honey connoisseur. But if you didn’t, don’t worry. You are on your way to becoming an expert.

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Why is Sidr Honey special?

Sidr Honey is a rare and highly valued honey due to its history. The Sidr tree also has religious and mythological links. It is mentioned in the Quran as one of the plants of Paradise and it is believed that the Crown of Thorns in the Bible was made of the branches of the Sidr tree. It also appears under the name of Lotus Tree in Greek Mythology.

Where does the Sidr Honey come from?

The botanical name of the Sidr Tree is Ziziphus Spina-Christi, but it can also be found under the names of Lote tree or Christ’s thorn. The tree grows in Southern Europe and in the Western parts of Asia.

Why is Sidr Honey expensive?

Due to its rarity and because there is a lot of fake Sidr Honey on the market, we have even tested a popular Sidr Honey on the market and the results left us speechless. There was no Sidr pollen found. See the lab result here. Real Sidr Honey is among the most highly valued kind of honey in the world. In some countries it sells for up to $300/kg.

What are the properties of Sidr Honey?

All raw honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but each honey is different to the next. Nicknamed the “Manuka of the Middle East”, Sidr honey is rich in nutrients such as iron, protein, calcium and magnesium. The medicinal properties of Sidr Honey are well spoken about in certain cultures, but we can not claim it will cure certain conditions.
Published studies show that Sidr honey is rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Where does our Artisan Raw Sidr Honey come from?

This is the rare and legendary Sidr Honey comes from beekeeper Menelaos in Greece. His Sidr Honey is collected by bees from deep inside isolated pesticide-free forests. It has been lab tested for authenticity to prove to you it is real Sidr honey.

What does our Raw Sidr honey look like and taste like?

Our Sidr Honey is thick with a rich, lavish, herbal and buttery sweet taste. There is a slightly sour and tangy aftertaste. It has a strong burnt orange colour when runny, turning a creamy, buttery yellow when crystallised.


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Recently arrived in stock is beekeeper Menelaos’ Artisan Raw Sidr Honey.

It is really special to us because the lab tests have shown us this is a true monofloral Sidr Honey..and it tastes fantastic!

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He Arwa, we are in Brighton but our customers buy online. All our honeys are pure and raw – ie as they were in the hive. You can see our honeys here: www.therawhoneyshop.com/cat. The Sidr is here: https://www.therawhoneyshop.com/products/artisan-greek-raw-sidr-honey-1kg?pos=3&_sid=eb0b5363f&ss=r
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