Oak, Hedgerow and Mandarin in three jar set.Raw Honey Easter Gift Bags - each with a wilderness raw honey.

Discounts and a few gift with one Gift Set until 23rd March.

Are you wondering what to send loved ones, friends and colleagues for Easter?

  • Select from delicious and unusual flavours, like the three jars in a Jute Gift bag - consisting of Oak, Mandarin and Hedgerow. (£25 with a free handmade honey dipper). Click to order.

  • Or a single small jar of raw Forest honey at £5 (normally £6). Click to order.

  • Or even a box of 12 raw honeys - 6 small forest and 6 small chestnut. This one comes with a saving of £18.40 up to the 23rd March. Click to order.

And as a bonus there's a £5 voucher in each Gift Bag for each person you send a gift to - and a leaflet about the honey.

We will send your honey gifts to arrive by 24th March as long as you order by noon on 23rd March.

The raw honey comes from small scale artesian beekeepers (Ramon, Rachel and Luisa) - who are committed to producing pure natural honey.

Here's more about why this honey is so special.

The honey is cold pressed and it has not been pasteurised. Also, the honey is coarse filtered so none of the good bits, like pollen granules and propolis (an antibacterial resinous mixture that helps to disinfect the hive) are lost.

The only other thing done to this honey is that it is bottled - nothing added, nothing taken away.

The raw oak honey comes from Ramon, who keeps his hives in wilderness areas in Aragon, northern Spain.

Ramon says: I try to produce honey in the traditional way, not in the modern way, where honey is often adulterated and where pasteurisation and filtration remove all the goodness making a lot of honey no more than a sweetener, without the health giving elements.

My wife Begona, is dedicated to the packaging and distribution. My children are also involved we are a small family firm. The bees live in traditional style wood beehives.

The forest comes from the flanks of the Cambrian Mountains in Asturias, produced by the bees of two beekeepers - Luisa and her daughter Olaya.

The Chestnut (highest in minerals) also comes from the Cambrian Mountains. It is also from Luisa and Olaya.

The raw Hedge & Meadow comes from the hives of Rachel. She lives in a beautiful unspoilt part of Oxfordshire where her bees forage around the hedges and small wild flower meadows around her house. This honey typically is collected from the flowers of borage, hawthorn and a range of meadow flowers.

Please order by 23rd March deadline, so we can get the honeys out to you in plenty of time for Easter.

Tim - the Raw Honey Shop.

PS: You can also call 01273 682109 to order over the phone.

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