Look forward to some good raw Rosemary honey in May.

I have just returned from seeing Ramon, the supplier of most of our raw honey. He seems very happy and he says that is because his bees are very happy.  

 I understood why after spending a day with Ramon travelling down remote tracks in the hilly area he lives in, near to the Pyrenees. We were going to check his hives, which are dotted across the hillsides.

Everywhere spring flowers were in bloom and the rosemary predominated. The aroma of rosemary was in the air.

And whenever Ramon stopped the van you could hear the humming of the bees as they busily worked the flowers.

Every time we stopped to examine a group of hives Ramon would make some smoke with grass and then examine each hive. Almost all the honeycombs were nearly full, which is a good sign at this time of year.

You can see the film of him showing me one full honeycomb. I was quite alarmed when he literally put the honeycomb covered in beeds in the van where I was sitting.

But as he said: 'Happy bees do not sting.' 

Some landed on my hands but he was right, there were no stings.

Ramon is very glad to see how the bees are doing now. Last year the spring was delayed because of the cold and wet. Ramon lost many hives but right now the bees are busy stocking up on supplies to get them through the year. Ramon will take the surplus and we will start selling this in May.



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I would like to thank you for this wonderful product. I urge everyone to try it for themselves. I am sure they would be converted into to a raw honey fan.

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