A Call to Action: Supporting Our Beekeeper Thomas  & his Family in a Time of Great Need

I am reaching out with a heavy heart to share some distressing news from our dear friend and beekeeper, Thomas, in Greece. Just as we were celebrating his recent marriage to his sweetheart Christina, tragedy struck in the form of the devastating Storm Daniel.

Shortly after the wedding, Thomas' region - Thessaly - experienced unprecedented flooding due to the storm, with a year's worth of rain falling in just one day.

This catastrophe has severely impacted Thomas and his family, who are now grappling with the loss of most of their bee hives that were situated in their winter location.

As Thomas conveyed in a video message he sent me, the sudden overnight rains have likely drowned most of the bee colonies.

What we do know is that this disaster has left Thomas and his family facing a grim and uncertain future, especially given their commitment to building a new organic honey processing plant.

In light of this, I am contemplating initiating an appeal to assist Thomas in acquiring new hives and bee colonies. The family is known for their pride and resilience, often reluctant to accept help. But I think with the gravity of this situation they will accept some help.

I am reaching out to gauge the willingness of raw honey lovers to contribute to this cause.

If you are willing to help please put your email in the form at the foot of this message. I am drawing up a list of people, who would consider helping. When we know the full scale of the need and how much money is needed we will launch the appeal.

You can call also us at 01273 682109 or email info@therawhoneyshop.com.

Your support could potentially be a lifeline for Thomas and his family during this trying time.

To further this cause, we at The Raw Honey Shop will match donations. Together, we can stand with Thomas and his family, helping them rebuild and continue their journey in producing the purest, most authentic honey.

Thank you for considering this request. Your support means the world to us, and to Thomas and his family.

Tim Walker
Owner, The Raw Honey Shop


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