There's some unexpected news if you like Thomas' dark Mountain Oak- read on for details.

 Thomas (the big chap), Elena and dad Giorgios[Here you can see Thomas (the big chap on the right), his sister Elena and dad Giorgios in front of an Oak Tree by Lake Smokovo.  If you zoom in a bit on the photo you will see how big the leaves are on the Oak.]

Back at the beginning of the year, Thomas sent us something rather special - which sold out very quickly.

He told us that it was the only batch he had of a particular Mountain Oak honey - which turned out to be one of the best honeys we have ever tasted.  

Here's an excerpt from our tasting notes:

Rich and mineral  notes, treacle flavour with hints of cooked apples and plums.

Mild aroma, reminiscent of spiced fruit sauces when cold.

Thick body, really dense. Takes a moment to melt on the tongue.

I don't think I've ever seen such a positive response to a honey and it sold out really quickly.

People had some amazing things to say about the flavour.  

This is the nicest honey we have tasted from your extensive range. The dark honey and thick consistency was perfect for our taste. Unfortunately, it sold too quickly before we could order our third jar. Many thanks, Tim and team. Peter.

Well there is good news for Peter and all our Oak loving customers. 

Thomas wasn't being totally truthful about this being the only batch of the Mountain honey, because he had put aside another 150 jars as a 'surprise' for us - because he was sure it would be a 'hit'.

He recently sent them to us and if you're interested you can get some of Thomas' Mountain Oak here.

Thomas' Mountain Oak hives in the forest close to Lake SmokovoThe hives are at around 950 metres close to Lake Smokovo in the area of Rentina, Greece.  Around mid June the bees collect the nectar to make the Chestnut honey. After Thomas and his Dad have collected the Chestnut honey the bees start filling the hives with the Oak honeydew.

I was fortunate enough to travel through the back lanes and tracks to the place where this Oak comes from, back in June.  

You need to note that Thomas' honey is very raw - and contains lots of the good bits (pollen, propolis, beeswax and sometimes royal jelly). The bits in honey tend to 'seed it' - IE the honey starts to crystallise around the bits.

So if you buy some and it does crystallise just put it in a pan of warm water, with a lid or tea towel draped over to retain the heat - and it will gradually return to liquid.

You can get the Oak and all the Greek honeys here.

Finally, any questions about the Oak or any of Thomas' honeys don't hesitate to hit reply or call Ombeline on 01273 682109. 

Three kilos gets free delivery and discounts up to 20% are available for bulk purchases.

With best wishes, Tim and The Raw Honey Team

Looking for another type of honey? Our general catalogue is here.

Here's all of Thomas's family. Everyone a beekeeper. Left to right: Elena (sister), Kostas (uncle), Panos (cousin), Giorgios (Dad) and Thomas (front).

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