I'm posting with an update with details of a discussion I had, when I dropped in to see Antonio Simon (our main supplier of raw organic honey) recently, about the honey shortage.

To me Antonio is just like you would image a beekeeper. He's warm and welcoming whenever I drop in and always eager to talk about the bees, which he is passionate about.

He's the fourth generation beekeeper in his family and just recently his daughter and son-in-law joined the business making them the fifth generation of the Simon family.

This is a photo of Antonio with me, taken recently (30th Jan 2017) we were just discussing the latest batch of Eucalyptus honey, a jar of which I have in my hand- and the shortage of honey after last summer, which was very dry.

Antonio has now been supplying us with superb raw organic honey for eight years, mainly from the mountains north of Madrid.

Recently he has had trouble providing us with all we need.

He said to pass on that the extreme dryness in the centre of Spain (with very little rain) over the last few years is the main reason why he has less honey available.

He couldn't make any firm promises about supply before the coming summer because he has to share out his limited stock between all his customers.

However, he will do what he can for us.

We recently had a delivery but he has very little honey left in stock at his store to the north of Madrid..

He also mentioned that he has bottled the last of his heather, so there won't be any more after we have sold the current batch.

Antonio told me he is planning to put more hives in areas of Spain where the climate isn't so dry this year.

So he hopes he will be able to supply more honey after this coming summer.

If you want any of his superb organic honey, like the Eucalyptus, then just go here whilst we have some.

Also, we've just made up six sets of his most antibacterial honeys here - organic thyme, heather and oak, which you save £8.40 on when you buy them together. The heather is the last that he will have until much later this year - so when it is gone it really is gone. 

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