Hope you are all well! 

Many of you may already know that I’ve been on the search for Buckwheat for a long, long time but never managed to find a good certified organic one…

Until now!

What I also discovered is an amazing Forest honey made by the bees from wild Blueberry and Wild Raspberry, along with a little honeydew from Oak and Pine.

Laimonas with his hives

The exciting news is that the search ended when I discovered Laimonas, a Lithuanian beekeeper with he most exquisite organic Northern Honeys – Forest with Blueberry, Buckwheat and Spring Meadow Flowers

You can almost taste them by just thinking about them! 

Beekeeper Laimonas has his hives, in the wild northern forests and wildflower meadows of Lithuania which are untouched by the industrial agriculture that blights much of Europe. His bees produce a range of honeys, from the nectar of berries and herbs along with honeydew from Oak and Pine.

Here's the set we have!

Laimonas' organic honey set - Forest with Blueberry, Buckwheat and Spring Meadow Flower.

If you would fancy organic Forest, which the bees have created from blueberry nectar as well as bramble nectar and honeydew from Fir/Pine and Oak or a Buckwheat Honey that has significant level of vitamins, mainly vitamin B as well as being strongly antibacterial – then you need to hurry!

All of the varieties were available to be bought separately, but we already sold out of the single jars of Raw Organic Forest with Blueberry honey. 

You can get them in a set though.

Our Northern Honeys are Limited-Edition! Only 50 sets with these varieties and single jars are selling very fast! 

Unfortunately, Laimonas was also affected by the wet spring – so he has much less honey than normal – but I was determined to get some to share with you.

We have created 100 sets of this Lithuanian honey consisting of Buckwheat, Spring Meadow Flowers and Forest with Blueberry all in 1kg jars and organic, so that you can enjoy each of these wonderful tastes side by side – or gift them to a honey connoisseur friend, who we guarantee will be impressed.

If you don’t want to miss out on these wild, rare and limited-edition honeys, click on this link HERE and you will be taken to the product page.



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