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Here's the rest of the honeys that were in the recent deliveries. Please note the state (ie runny or crystallised when you buy. Because this is raw honey, it naturally crystallises).

Rossend's Pyrenees Mountain honey. This is a very popular mountain honey - which keeps winning awards. A few years back it got the top award in the Superior Taste Awards (The iTQi is a world-renowned organisation of chefs and sommeliers) and then last year it won in the Great Taste Awards here in the UK.  It's a lighter Mountain honey from plants like Lotus corniculatis (Birds foot trefoil), Thyme, Pear, Alpine clover, Backenklee, Oregano, Lavender, Wild blackberry, Chestnut, Buckthorn, Rosemary, Rhododendron, Sainfoin, Hawthorn, Mountain bluet and Calluna (Ling Heather). Get it here

Rossend's Orange Blossom honey. This achieved a 2-Star Superior Taste Award in the 2016 International Taste and Quality Institute awards. Get it here.

David's Mountain. The first time we've had this honey since 2016. This is a dark mountain honey from Os Ancares in Galicia where the bears and humans battle for the honey.  And in order to stop the bears getting the honey you will find the hives are protected by stone enclosures. Get it here.

David's Mountain & Propolis honeyThis particular mountain honey has a small amount of organic propolis mixed in, which gives it an extra antibacterial kick.  The flavour of this mixture is reminiscent of the sour notes present in black bread. Go here.

Some more of Ivan's raw Acacia was delivered last Friday. It's from the northern foothill of the Tarnovo Elevations, a beautiful landscape with a rich and ancient history of beekeeping. Mild with a hint of vanilla. Stays runny. It is here.

Rossend's Arbutus - the bitter honey that won two Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards. You either love it or hate it.  Check it out here.

Rossend's Eucalyptus. It is light and slightly fruity, a little hint of apple and a beautiful mild after taste of fresh menthol. It is slightly different from the flower honey as it has a bit more of a prominent taste. It shares characteristics of the herb type honey as it is creamy and sets in a similar manner.  Find it here.

Other honeys to note:

Raw Honey Spring Selection - Herb and Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Rosemary, Wild Lavender and other selections here - maybe as gifts.


Luisa's Calluna - the premium type of Heather that has a jelly like consistency.  Last year was a very poor year for the darker honeys, like Heather and Oak.  We had the last of Luisa's Calluna. You can find it here.

Oak from Antonio. Again this is the last of his Oak until October.  We have managed to source  Oak from a couple of other beekeepers so we will not run out of Oak yet. However, we won't have any more from Antonio after this has gone. The Oak is here. SORRY THIS IS NOW SOLD OUT.  We have an alternative organic Oak here from Michel

Heather from Alvaro. Probably the last Heather we will have until October.

There's one 20kg Raw Honey Winter Health Bulk Bundle if you need to stock up and save money by buying in bulk.

Did you know we sell Raw Manuka Honey (NPA 5+) in 250g jars?  This is a raw single source Manuka - most are blended from different sources and heat treated. This raw Manuka is B-Qual Certified - an assurance of quality and source at a time when there is a lot of fake and low grade Manuka on the market.

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For Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen go here.

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ian  amor

ian amor

Any Rosemary ? Antonio oak ..propolis 5 jars altogether ..please send invoice

Regards Ian amor

Anne Rongveaux

Anne Rongveaux

I have received Antonio multi flowers honey which mention they are part of a Spanish organic association, I am not sure how reliable is this validation .
I am very happy with the taste, but I especially choose this honey as on your website this specific honey had the "certified organic soil association " label and there was NOTHING of the sort on the jar?!…
As for the above honey I would appreciate that the country of origin is mention and if it is organic or not.

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