Friends, here is our Winter 2019-20 catalogue, including some new and rare honeys (such as Sidr and a top quality Mountain) as well as gift sets (like a lovely box set of 3 x 250g artisan organic honeys) and old antibacterial favourites.  Full details below including a prize that anyone who orders between now and 23rd December could win.  All delicious flavours.

The decorative bee hive with all the honey gifts in frontYou could win a decorative mini beehive full of honey & other bee products worth £385.72 + 10 other prizes for runners up - when you order between now (7th November) and 6pm, 23rd December. 

See an exact list of what you could win in this amazing beehive at the foot of this page but first here's some of what you will find in our Winter Collection (but not all available yet so keep coming back): 
  • The rare and special Sidr Honey
  • A boxed Gift Set of raw organic 3 x 250 Super Antibacterial Set
  • The best Orange Blossom we have tasted 
  • Raspberry Honey (yes it does taste of Raspberries)
  • 3 Award-Winning Honeys in a Box Set
  • All organic Winter Honey Bundle
  • Our most popular Mountain honey (Pyrenees)
  • A beautiful Artisan Ceramic Pot with Raw Mountain Honey & Free Dipper - 500g,

+ a lot more that we will announce as more honeys and sets are added to stock.

Now, here's a picture of the decorative hive.

Thomas our Greek beekeeper along with his sister Elena built and decorated this hive.

We've filled the hive with a selection of our most popular and premium honeys. 


  • The plan is that every customer who orders between now and 6pm on 23rd December will get an entry into our Winter Season Prize Draw - and the top prize is the hive filled with honey and other goodies worth £385.72.

The winner will be selected at random soon after 23rd December and we will try and get the prize sent to the winner as soon as possible, although it may not be possible by 25th December - probably early in the New Year.

There are also ten runners up prizes including all-natural soap containing organic propolis (and no parabens), honey dippers and tester sets.

To view the winter season honeys and gifts go here.

So what could you win in the hive? All this!

  1. 1kg Artisan Greek Orange Blossom from Thomas (£21.99)
  2. 1kg Organic Chestnut from Antonio (£20.99)
  3. 1kg Organic Oak from Antonio (Great Taste Awards winner)(£21.99)
  4. 1kg Organic Eucalyptus from Antonio (Great Taste Awards winner) (£19.99)
  5. 1kg Vintage Fir from Thomas (£24.99)
  6. 1kg Mountain from Thomas (£20.99)
  7. 1kg Pine from Thomas (£18.99)
  8. 1kg Greek Thyme from Thomas (£19.99)
  9. Award Winners Honey Set (£32.99)
  10. 5kg Forest tub from Luisa (£94.46)
  11. 500g Organic Acacia from Plaman (£11.09)
  12. Artisan Greek Mountain Honey in a Ceramic Container (£24.99)
  13. A set of 3 beeswax candles (£19.99)
  14. An all-natural soap with organic propolis from Alfred (£3.49)
  15. A hand and foot cream, also containing organic propolis from Alfred (£8.99)
  16. 250g jar of Raw Manuka honey (£19.80)

 Total value £385.72

There are 10 runners up prizes including tester sets, organic propolis soaps and honey dippers,

    Total value £327.91

    To view the winter season honey catalogue go here

    Any questions drop Ilinca an email at or call 01273 682109. 

    All the best on behalf of The Raw Honey Team

    PS: Here are the winners of the decorative hive from last year

    PPS: Sorry, there's also some Terms and Conditions for the Prize Draw, as follows

    1. The winner will be selected at random from all existing customers who order between now and 6pm 23rd December and will be sent the hive with the honeys and other products to the value of £385.72.  10 runners up will receive prizes such as all-natural soap made with organic propolis, honey dippers and 250g jars of honey.

    2. If you do not want to be included in the draw to select the winner please email to tell us.

    3. In the event of any dispute regarding the Terms and Conditions, the conduct, results and any other matters relating to this prize draw, the decision of the Raw Honey Shop shall be final.

    4. If you are a winner, we may ask you to participate in publicity or promotion activities organised by the Raw Honey Shop.

    5. The Promoter is The Raw Honey Shop, Westergate Business Centre,
    Building 5, Unit 4dii, Westergate Road, Brighton, BN2 4QN.

    6. Details of the winner will be available by emailing from 4th January 2020. Or you can write to The Raw Honey Shop, Westergate Business Centre, Building 5, Unit 4dii, Westergate Road, Brighton, BN2 4QN.

    7. We do reserve the right to amend the offer, subject to product availability.

    8. The winner cannot request product substitutions or any changes in the products offered in the prizes.

    9. Good luck!

    To view the winter season honeys and gifts go here.

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