Thanks for your patience if you've been waiting for some of the new seasons' extra virgin olive oil from Spyros. 

Thomas, Elena and Giorgios (our Greek beekeepers who have hives in the pine forest next to Spryros olive groves) went to see Spyros about a week ago.

Thomas has just reported back.  (Thomas took this photo in front of one of Spyros' 300-year-old olive trees. Spyros is on the left, Elena in the middle and Giorgios on the right.)

I was hoping to have received the olive oil by now but it turns out that the olives have only just been harvested and right now Spyros and his nephew are pressing them.

I will let you know when the oil has been bottled - but I'm thinking January for delivery, which is a pity. I know some of you were thinking of it for festive gifts. However, we cannot hurry the process.

However, there is the following information from Spyros. His trees have seen a lot.

By the way, Spyros is a 75-year-old gentleman, who is fighting fit, thanks to lots of extra virgin olive oil and the famous Mediterranean diet.

* Some of his trees are 500 years old and none are younger than 300 years. His olive groves have been cultivated for many many generations. Before him his father, and right back to the 16th century. 

So Spyros has a heritage that stretches back hundreds of years - giving him a wealth of experience and knowledge about how to produce the best olive oil imaginable.

Spyros said that his olive trees have only remained productive because they have been pruned and cared for consistently since they were first planted. That is the secret to the longevity of his trees - and one of the main reasons why his olive oil is so high quality. 

The next step now is for me to receive a sample of the oil to test. Thomas has sent some from the very first batch that was pressed and I am expecting to receive it next week.

If 2018 turns out to be a good year for olive oil then I will place an order.  If it isn't then we may have to find another option.



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