Here's a video I just took of the decorative hive that Thomas and his family sent. His sister Elena decorated it. 

Tomorrow (21st December) we will make the prize draw to find out who has won this prize, which contains £321.91 worth of our best honey and other goodies.

Any existing customer who orders up to 6 pm today (20th December) gets an entry.

Festive season holiday closing

We will be processing orders up until 1pm on 21st December.  Then we will close until 2nd January.

We will still be taking orders over the holiday period but these won't get sent until 2nd/3rd January.

So what could you win in the hive? All this!

  1. 1kg Organic Orange Blossom from Antonio (£19.99)
  2. 1kg Organic Chestnut from Antonio (£18.99)
  3. 1kg Organic Wild Lavender from Antonio (£18.99)
  4. 1kg Organic Eucalyptus from Antonio (won in this years Great Taste Awards) (£18.99)
  5. 1kg Fir from Thomas (£19.99)
  6. 1kg Mountain Oak from Thomas (£18.99)
  7. 1kg Pine from Thomas (£18.49)
  8. 1kg Thyme from Thomas (£18.99)
  9. Then there's the Bulgarian Jute Bag Taster Gift Set containing Beech & Oak, Coriander (award-winning and Herb & Wildflower). These are jars sizes 500g or just under. From Ivan. (£32.99)
  10. 5kg Chestnut tub from Luisa (£80.96)
  11. 500g Organic Acacia from Plaman (£11.09)
  12. Some organic Lime Tea from Bulgaria (£4.99)
  13. Three natural cotton food wraps, infused with beeswax (£14.99)
  14. A tin of seed balls which will grow into bee-friendly flowers (£5.99)
  15. Two beeswax candles (£10.99)
  16. An all-natural soap with organic propolis from Alfred (£3.49)
  17. A hand and foot cream, also containing organic propolis from Alfred (£9)

Total value £327.91




Margaret Whittaker

Margaret Whittaker

Have a lovely Christmas – just to report – we have honey because we love it and because it has such health benefits. My husband has COPD and asthma and chronic bronchitis – but literally he does not suffer with them and does not catch common cold which would be really bad. This I am certain because of daily honey for approx. 50 years. He is now 81 and we discovered your honey a couple of years ago (wish it had been much sooner)and are delighted at the antibacterial properties and that is before we say anything about the amazing plethora of tastes – magnificent. And a prosperous Happy New Year from Margaret.

John Angus Bruce

John Angus Bruce

A quality firm selling quality products HONEY A TRUE GIFT FROM NATURE

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