I am sharing an experience, that came back to me after a surprise delivery of Wild Rosemary.

It goes like this...sometime around 9th June last year...

'Vamos' - 'Let's go' Alvaro said rather loudly.

I woke with a start. It had been very hot on the drive from Logrono to the mountains. Close on 40 degrees, which is extremely high for that early in the year (and a sign of what was to come - with 2017 being incredibly dry and a very bad year for honey).

Coming from 15 degrees in Brighton and a large lunch it was overwhelming. 

I was there to see Alvaro's hives in the biosphere reserve in La Rioja - where various honeys - mountain, forest, oak, rosemary, wild lavender, thyme, heather are created by his bees in an utter wilderness.

I had fallen asleep in the heat. 

But now here we were - late afternoon - in the cooler mountain air and Alvaro was gesturing to me from the door of his truck.

'Vamos' he said again and I staggered, half asleep, out of the door.

I followed him as he scrambled up a bank at the side of the mountain track and then into a little meadow on the edge of the mountain.

Alvaro gestured and tore a small branch off a bush. I watched as he crushed the needles between his fingers. 

He passed it to me and the aroma of Rosemary wafted gently in the stillness of the mountain air.

Then Alvaro plucked leaves and flowers from other plants for me to smell. Wild Lavender, Thyme and various mountain flowers I did not recognise - all with an aroma that seemed intense in the Mountain air.

[Unfortunately, because I was half asleep I didn't get any photos in this particular place. But later on in the day I took some video footage and you can see below another place typical of where his bees collect nectar in the Biosphere Reserve. I've speeded the video up, so no we weren't driving that fast!]

Alvaro is a man who is extremely passionare about his bees and the nature in which the bees make the honey.

He was desperately keen, on that day in June, to demonstrate to me the purity of the places where his bees collect the nectar. (And he succeeded.)


You can see another video here of Alvaro, in the Biosphere Reserve, where he explains more about what is so special about the place and the mountain honey his bees collect there. 


'I will send you some of this Wild Rosemary honey he said', as we climbed back into his four by four. 

Well I forgot all about the Rosemary when I got back to England, nothing came in any of the deliveries from him.  

That is until very recently.

Alvaro has a habit of  ignoring our honey orders and sending what he thinks we should 'have'!

Anyway, some of this Wild Rosemary turned up eventually - a couple of weeks ago.

This is a mountain Rosemary, with a variety of subtle sub flavours. There's a hint of Wild Lavender, Thyme and a little Heather.

The flavour lingers.  

If you want to try some it is here.

Alvaro also sent some Spring Mountain and Heather.

If you need to stock up please note that you get free shipping and other discounts when you order 3 kilo jars or more. 

One final thing.

I'd love to see your review of this Wild Rosemary from the wilderness of the Biosphere Reserve in La Rioja.

So if you have a moment please send a review after you have taste tested the honey.


PS: Any questions? You can always reply to this email or call Ombeline, Tai or myself on 01273 682109.

PPS: If you want to put a face to the name here's a picture of Alvaro with me on the edge of the Biosphere Reserve.

Alvaro with Tim on the edge of the Biosphere Reserve

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James Wilmot

James Wilmot

Your Honey Is the best I’ve tasted, I will soon be ordering more my family are loving it!

Thank You, Kind Regards. ;-)

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