Where I’m Heading Next: Upcoming Raw Honey Trips

Later this year, between Claire (Operations Manager) and myself there are going to be a few more raw honey adventures across Europe. (The photo above is of Ruben and Dani, checking Antonio's Heather hives in the Sierra del Rincon Biosphere Park in the mountains north of Madrid. It was Autumn 2022 and I took this photo - obviously - with my drone.)

Anyway, this is the plan for the rest of 2024 as it stands.

  • There is Antal in Hungary, who produces the exceptional organic Acacia honey we've recently started sourcing.
  • Then there’s Hermann in the Austrian Alps, who sent me a sample of a really impressive Fir honey. I'm hoping to visit him in early July, when the Fir honey starts flowing.
  • Claire is going to visit Dimitris in the area of Serres, northern Greece. He's the guy who produces organic Sidr and a rather fine Pine, from the Macedonian Pine tree. This honey is a bit different to the Aleppo Pine honey, which we get from the south of Greece.
  • I've recently returned from the Apennine Mountains south of Rome, where I met with beekeepers Carolina and Stefino. They produce a very fine Chestnut honey and Forest. Look out for more details from them. Italian Chestnut honey is very highly regarded.
  • Looking forward to sharing these experiences with you via videos and photos and bringing back some truly unique and outstanding raw honeys for you to enjoy.

    I love to hear about your raw honey experiences and thoughts. Just email me at tim@therawhoneyshop.com or if you are on Instagram follow me at @raw_honey_man

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