Organic beekeeper Antonio with his beekeping family in Sierra del Rincon Biosphere ParkYou won't find fresher honey, with more active enzymes than the honey Antonio has just delivered to us.

He says it has been a good year so far and the honey now sitting in our stock room has been collected very recently by the bees.

Just back in April, May and June the bees were flying from flower to flower, carefully extracting the nectar from the flowers.   

Pradena del Rincon where much of Antonio's honey comes fromThe place where the honey comes from is incredible. I went with Antonio to the  Sierra del Rincon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve- where much of his honey comes from.
I enjoyed a day in this incredibly beautiful and remote biosphere reserve, where the bees collect the nectar without the danger of contamination by crop spraying and weed killers. 

It's just a gorgeous amazing wilderness - clean air, clean water, hardly any people - mountains all around.

Here's details of his thyme, with a video so you can see the colour and consistency.

  • The Thyme. Very floral,  a rich sweetness, and has some orange/grapefruit  notes.  Antonio's thyme is a fairly gentle honey. It has a soft creamy taste with a gentle herbal hint of thyme, subtle and slightly savoury, ideal for all the family due to its balanced and pleasing flavour.  See here how this honey flows off the spoon.
  • Antonio also sent 
  • Orange Blossom (the first for two years)
  • Wild Lavender
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus (this won a prize in the 2018 Great Taste Awards)
  • Multifloral
  • Arbutus

It is here if you want some.

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Best wishes, Tim 

Antonio's honey is all certified organic at source. We can't presently call it organic because we are waiting for the Soil Association to certify our packing centre. This is required because our team add English labels to the jars in the packing centre- and the procedures at every stage of the process have to fit the criteria of the Soil Association for organic certification in the UK.   We have been waiting a long time but this certification will be completed shortly.