22nd October 2020

You can get free jars with your order from today until 3rd November

+ Launching our Winter Collection - with a little story behind an enchanting new (and different) product from Greece

+ Many new and exciting honeys coming over the next two months, inc the northern honeys, Forest Red Gum, mountain Manuka, Artisan Greek box Gift Sets, Buckwheat, Sierra Honey, Mountain with Propolis & lots of antibacterial options + some top award winners from Greece I have just sourced

Tim, Owner of The Raw Honey ShopHi, Tim here from Raw Honey Shop. I'm messaging you before we add our Winter Collection - which is hidden at the moment, expect to you - to the main web site menu tomorrow. This will give you first call on the new products.

Please note, from today (22nd October) until 3rd November you can select a free 250g organic Oak when your order value is £70 or more. And if you are really into buying in bulk and your total is £200 or more then you will also get the chance to select a free 500g Raw Raspberry honey.

I'm posting this message, just for Priority Notification Customers, so you can get in before I send the main email to customers tomorrow. There's one product, in particular, that I am enchanted by, which we have just 17 of.  

It all started during a little chat with Thomas.

I was telling him, back in June or July, about an old-style ceramic olive oil flagon I had seen online. He didn't say much in response but then in August a flagon arrived in the post - similar to the one I had seen.

Turns it out it was made by Elias, who has a small pottery workshop close to Thomas' house.

I was enchanted by it, a beautiful handmade flagon, with an olive branch painted on - the symbol of peace since ancient Greek times.

So I asked Thomas if he could get Elias to make a batch for us. And Spyros to fill the flagons with his olive oil.

Elias' olive oil flagonHe did that and I'm happy to say that 20 arrived last week. I had asked the team to keep them offline until I had written to you but they accidentally got added and 3 of them sold straight away.

Anyway, I've taken them offline until I send this message - as I expect they will sell rather quickly.

There will be some more, but probably not until November.


Winter Collection Details

There's a special focus on antibacterial honeys in our Winter Collection, given people's need to protect their immune systems in these troubled times.

There's a lot to see and I'm also excited by the gift box Thomas has made for us - with three of his best honeys in 300g jars, with an artisan style wrap on the lids.  

Makes a lovely present. Comes with a honey dipper, a photo of Thomas and his family, and a leaflet that tells the story behind the honeys and Thomas' lovely beekeeping family. 

From Antonio. there's a boxed honey set from the biosphere reserve high in the Guadarrama Mountain Range, where Antonio has most of his hives.

Lots coming over the next few months.

Forest Red Gum, Tea Tree, Manuka from Mount Bruce in New Zealand, northern organic Forest honey made from Blueberry and Raspberry nectar along with Oak & Pine honeydew (its absolutely delicous). Buck

Also, most importantly, don't forget, if you order between today and the 2nd November and your order value is more than £71 you will get a free 250g Organic Oak from Plamen. Spend £200 or more and also get a 500g jar of Raspberry.

The Winter Collection is here.

As ever, if you have a question then reply to this email or call in on 01273 682109. 

Lines are open 9.30am to 5.30pm and either Ilinca or Prue (who is new) or Claire will answer.

If no answer - we are very busy - please leave a message and we will call you back. 

With thanks and best wishes. I hope everyone is well in your family. 
Tim - for The Raw Honey Shop Team
The Winter Collection is here