Hello, thank you very much for taking part in our honey origins survey. You are helping us build a national picture of where people think their honey comes from.

The fact is that honey adulteration is a major problem and most of it occurs through wholesalers, who then sell on to the supermarkets. However, it is very difficult to detect adulterated honey. Various tests have been developed, which at first are very successful at detecting adulteration. But then the wholesalers change their tactics and suddenly the test is no longer effective.

Then new tests have to be developed. It's an ongoing struggle. 

In the UK most of the honey in the supermarkets comes from China. However, on the label you will see the following 'A blend of EU and non EU honey'. So the consumer has no way of knowing where the honey actually comes from.

You can read more about honey adulteration here in this expose from Wired magazine.

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