Hi, you will get notice about the sale before we go public with it - so you can get a chance to get the best products. I will also email you the day before with a time when we are going to start the sale - so you can get onto it right away.

Obviously I can't guarantee that you will get everything you want but you stand a better chance this way.

Please be aware that honeys do shift very quickly during our sales, even when you are on the priority list - so I can't guarantee that you will get everything you want - but you stand a chance of getting some things.

The sale will be a mixture of honeys past their best before date, overstocked items and other items close to their best before date. By the way, honey never goes off but the law requires we put a best before date. So it is absolutely fine to sell honey past its best before date.

Also please note the following:

Our office will be closed until the 28th December and then will be open 29th and 30th before closing again until the 3rd January.

Also, our team at the warehouse will be on holiday from 12 noon on 24th December until the 3rd of January so no orders can be sent out until the 3rd.

We will though be taking orders, such as through the sale. 

Have a relaxing time. Greetings from the whole team here.

All the best

Tim, Claire, Prue and Kish