This has been an absolute mission to get this honey - we've waited on the delivery for over a year!! Anyway, David's dark organic Mountain honey has finally arrived in our stock room.  (If you want to get straight to the honey the link to them is here.)

Lots of people have been asking about it - and so I am now letting you know straight away. 

This honey has made the journey from Os Ancares, Galicia - the wildest part of Spain and the best place for pure organic honey. The first organic Mountain from David's apiaries since April 2021! 

You should know that this is a very special honey, a bit different to our other dark honeys - for the reasons outlined below. 

  • SUPER RAW David's way of processing the honey is a little different to most beekeepers. I explain below.
  • SUPERB FLAVOUR Not quite as malty/treacly as other dark honeys.  It's a bit more floral and really sings on the tongue! (It has just won Gold at the London Honey Awards.)
  • FOUR MAIN HEALTH PROPERTIES I've outlined below for you 4 specific ways in which dark honeys, like this one, can benefit your health. (Remember not to overdo it though like me, honey is still largely sugar!!)


Dear Honey Friend

Wow, I can tell you it was a mission to get this honey. Because of various issues, it has taken more than a year to get a delivery of David's organic Mountain honey and his organic Mountain honey with Propolis.

Something sad happened though, which has taken a while for his people to take stock of.  I was fortunate to spend a day with this sensitive and innovative beekeeper back in 2016. But that will never happen again.

An image of David from Mieles Anta and Tim Walker, Raw Honey Shop owner at one of David's apiaries

He really was a great guy and I was deeply saddened when he suddenly died two years ago. 

Above you can see David with me at one of the remote spots where his hives live.

I treasure that memory of spending the day with him travelling into some of the remotest places in Galicia back in 2016.

I guess it has taken a while for his family to take stock, following his passing - that might be one of the reasons why this honey took so long to get to us.  

Anyway, it is finally here.

David was a master at finding the right places for his bees to create very fine honey with strong natural benefits. And a superb flavour. (It was a Gold winner at  this year's London Honey Awards.)

Now his wife Paula is running the company and son (also David) is overseeing the beekeeping.  

I can tell you nothing has changed in terms of the quality of the honey. 

The family is totally committed to the concept of RAW.

Over the years David developed his own system for ensuring the honey was as raw as possible.

His way of processing the honey is a little different to most other beekeepers, which gives it an edge.

Unlike most beekeepers, they don't put it through filters. Instead, the honey passes through a series of tanks and any debris sinks to the bottom.

Then it is simply put in jars.

You end up with a kilo of honey that has had no heat and lots of the good bits - propolis, pollen ad royal jelly.

His bees create the Mountain honey in the depopulated wilderness of the Os Ancares mountains, right in the north west tip of Spain. 

This is an area with very low population. You will find lots of deserted villages in Galicia.

Going back to the 40s, 50s and 60s people left the area to escape grinding poverty. 

This has been of enormous benefit to the bees because contamination from the activities of humans, is exceptionally low.

Here the bees forage on the Oak, Chestnut and Brambles on the flanks of the mountains and then head up to the Heather on the mountain top.

Galicia is probably the best area in Spain for really pure organic honey.

You can taste it in the honey - this organic Mountain is a very lively honey. 

THE FLAVOUR It has a lovely, mild caramel foretaste, which opens into a tropical floral aroma and finishes by settling into a slight burnt sugar bitterness.  Finishes with an aftertaste reminiscent of tea tannin.

Super raw dark honeys, like this tree based honey, have more health properties than lighter honeys. There are 4 main ways these dark mountain honeys can benefit your body.  

  1. AIDS DIGESTION  Studies have discovered that tree based honey types are particularly effective at 'feeding' the 'good' bacteria in your lower intestine. And as scientists have been discovering in recent years, the good bacteria in your digestive tract have a powerful effect on your overall physical and mental health.  
  2. ANTIOXIDANTS IN DARK HONEY MAY AID BRAIN HEALTH & MORE Dark honeys tend to be higher in antioxidants and polyphenols (a kind of antioxidant, which may protect the brain and heart, as well as aid digestion). These antioxidants are found in blackberries and the sap from Oak and Chestnut.
  3. EASE INFLAMMATION Dark thick honeys, like David's, can be really effective in easing inflammation in your throat, when you have a cough or sore throat. 
  4. ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTIES  Darker honeys have stronger antimicrobial properties than lighter honeys (with a few exceptions). Studies are showing that these honeys attack bacteria in a variety of different ways. And the bacteria cannot deal with this, so do not become resistent to honey - unlike antibiotics. Antibiotics quickly lose their effectiveness because bacteria become immune to them.

The bees had it worked out eh!!!

Anyway, have a look at the honey.

  • You can find the Mountain honey here, as well as the Mountain honey with propolis. The Mountain honey is also available in 5kg and 20kg. (It's cheaper per kilo that way, but obviously a bigger outlay to start with.)

​As ever, if you need any advice feel free to call us on 01273 682109 between 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Stay cool and safe. Tim

David's Mountain honey is here.

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