Award winning monofloral honeys from biosphere reserves and wild natural areas uncontaminated by pesticides

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If you saw our advert in the Buglife members magazine then you have come to the right place. You can find some of the honeys discounted for buglife readers here.

Here you will find more details about the story behind our honeys and the beekeepers. 

Fancy trying delicious raw and organic honeys - like Wild Lavender, Oak, Mountain, Forest, Thyme Lemon Blossom and Eucalyptus?

Then read on.

I have been sourcing raw and organic honey for 10 years now although our story goes back 20 years to a wild place in the Pyrenees, which is like a giant wildlife reserve with vast numbers of vultures and raptors and the air is full of (biting) insects. And of course bees.

Here we found a little shop selling the most amazing raw honey with flavours that we had never come across before in the UK.  Honeys like the ones mentioned above. 

I'd never had proper raw honey before - we had always bought our honey in the supermarket. 

The difference was quite profound, with rich strong (and subtle) flavours, with a strong contrast between the different varieties. I had always thought that honey was .....well honey. 

Such a difference between say Mountain and Wild Lavender.

Soon we developed an obsession with raw honey and so started a mission to seek out new types of raw and organic from organic beekeepers - like Antonio, whose photo you will have seen in our advert in Buglife.

Antonio is fourth generation and now his son-in-law and his grandchildren are involved.

Antonio is very principled and follows a method of beekeeping passed down from his father and grandfather.

There are a few of his varieties of honey available. 

Then there is David, from Galicia. He's a beekeeper who sells some organic varieties, although we do not have many of his organic varieties in stock at the moment.

His bees work the hillsides and mountain tops in places like Os Ancares.

And we have Luisa, in Asturias, whose Calluna (a type of Heather) is certified organic. 

You can see all our organic honeys below. 

If you're into bulk buying and want to get together with a group of friends and colleagues then you can save 10% on 6 kilos and 15% on a 12 kilo case.

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to email us at or call on +44 (0) 1273 682109.

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Tim, Founder, The Raw Honey Shop

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