"We are really pleased with the friendly informative help we have recived and the speedy arrival of our order. The honey (3 Varieties) are delicious - amazingly better than honeys we have previously bought locally."
M Whealy, Brentwood
"I am 51 years old and have never liked - so never eaten honey. Until I tried yours, that is. There is a world of difference in flavour between commercially produced honey and the raw honey that you sell. I'm a total (and very happy) convert!"
Helen, West Yorkshire
"I have eaten honey all my life but had never tasted oak or chestnut. It is the best honey I have tasted and you will be receiving my custom on a permanent basis."
David, Devon
"I am always more than happy to support people like yourself who work hard so that the rest of us can enjoy something very special. It was a very happy day when I came across your honey and I have not bought any other since then, nor will I in the future. Kind regards,"
"This is the nicest honey either of us has ever tasted. They were all great, but we both agreed that the Forest version was the most appealing, closely followed by the rest. Quite honestly, less than a hairs breadth between them on the appeal factor. As for the quality? Unsurpassed. That's enough accolades for one day - or your heads will swell so much that the roof will have to be raised to let you all out. Regards,"