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Dear Honey Friend

Claire, Operations Manager, has just returned from the wilderness area of Serres in northern Greece, where she met with Dimitris, our supplier of a unique and potent Pine honey.

I am writing to update you on her trip, this honey, and a unique connoisseurs set I have created.

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Let me take you back to the beginning when I first became aware of Dimitris' Pine.

Back in April, Asterios, our man on the ground in Greece, alerted me to a rather special Pine honey he had discovered via his network of artisan beekeepers.

He sent me a sample, and when I noticed the strong aroma, which made it quite distinct from the other Pine honeys we sell, I knew we had to have some.

What set this honey apart was that it comes from the Macedonian Pine (also known as the Balkan Pine). Each Pine variety has a distinctive flavour.

I had Dimitris' Pine honey analysed, and all was good with the profile.

Then I was keen to meet this beekeeper, but for various reasons I couldn’t go, but Claire could fit a visit in.

So, back to the beginning of this month, Claire flew to Thessaloniki where Asterios met her and then she travelled with him to meet Dimitris in Serres, a remote region in northern Greece.

It is an untouched area, off the beaten track, known for its rugged terrain and rich biodiversity.

She described to me the dense forests and pristine landscapes she travelled through, which provide the perfect environment for bees to produce pure, organic honey. (Dimitris also produces the first certified organic Sidr we have sold.)

The absence of pollution, pesticides, and herbicides in the wild forests and mountains ensures the highest quality honey, with a purity not possible in areas where intensive farming is practised.

I was excited to hear this and to learn more about Dimitris and his father Kostas and the Pine honey subspecies they collect their Pine honey from.

Claire told me:
Kostas' Dimitris' dad on the left and Dimitris on the right in front of their hivesBeing organic is really important for Dimitris and his father Kostas. They first became certified organic in 2019, but even before then, they followed organic principles. Dimitris is passionate about not having his hives near any areas with pesticides. They spend a lot of time finding remote, wild areas far from contamination.

She added:
Their biggest challenge is the weather, especially with temperatures reaching 44 degrees in June, much higher than the usual 30 degrees. This is a significant concern for them and another reason why they put their hives in mountainous regions, where the temperature is lower.

It is Dimitris and Kostas’ dedication to finding pure areas and their commitment to organic beekeeping that created a big impression on Claire and it is the reason why their Pine honey is so pure.

I might add, that for me, Tim, owner of The Raw Honey Shop, it's not just about Pine honey or Oak honey.

It's about digging down into the different subspecies of a tree because these produce quite different and distinctive flavours.

For instance, the Aleppo Pine that Thomas’s bees feed on, on the island of Evia, produce a honey that is different to that of Dimitris’ from the Macedonian Pine. As is the super thick Pine honey from Triantafyllos that comes from the Cantabrian Pine.

What is the Flavour of Dimitris’ Pine Honey Like?
The standout feature of Dimitris' Pine honey is its strong aroma, that immediately hits you when you open the jar.

I find that Dimitris' Pine honey has a bold, resinous flavour with a lingering aftertaste. It's characterised by its thick, syrupy texture and dark amber colour.

The aroma is robust, with a strong pine scent that reflects the wild, untouched regions where it’s harvested.

This honey is perfect for those who appreciate a rich, intense taste and the natural benefits of raw, organic honey.

Anyway, I was so excited when I realised that we had three very distinctive Pine honeys that I decided to create a special set, which I have called the Pine Connoisseurs Set.

Pine Connoisseurs Set
Let me introduce you to our Pine Connoisseurs Set. This exclusive collection features three different varieties of Pine honey. (By the way, when you buy it you can get 10% off the price as if you had selected the honeys individually):

1. Macedonian Pine Honey (from Dimitris): This honey comes from the Macedonian Pine trees, offering a rich and robust flavour with a strong, resinous aroma. The sweetness, while pronounced, is not overpowering, but rather serves to unite the various flavour notes, leading to a prolonged and pleasing finish.

2. Aleppo Pine Honey (from Thomas): This honey comes from the Aleppo Pine trees on the island of Evia. It has a unique, earthy flavour with hints of pine resin, making it distinct from other types of pine honey.

3. Thassos Pine Honey (from Triantafyllos): Sourced from the island of Thassos, known for its lush pine forests, this honey is super thick, the thickest Pine we have ever had. It has a balanced, subtle flavour and a smooth texture, with a delicate pine aroma that reflects its unique island origin.

Each honey in this set comes from a different region, offering a unique tasting experience that reflects the diversity of Greek pine forests. These honeys are perfect for those who love exploring distinct and rich flavours.

Also, I might add, I found that this honey is great paired with aged cheeses like Manchego or Pecorino Romano to enhance the complex flavours with its natural sweetness.

To create a delightful cheese platter, arrange slices of cheeses on a serving board. Drizzle Pine honey over the cheese.

The honey's sweetness perfectly balances the sharp, savoury notes of the cheese, creating a harmonious and sophisticated flavour combination.

To end with, I invite you to explore these unique honeys and experience the rich flavours and aromas that make them stand out.

Your support helps us continue to work with dedicated beekeepers like Dimitris, Kostas, Thomas, and Triantafyllos, ensuring the highest quality and ethical practices.

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