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Raw, all natural and unpasteurised 

Chestnut is a deep and malty tasting tree honey with a beautiful rich and nutty flavour.

Wonderful medium dark brown colour which goes slightly red in the light.

From Antonio's hives in the northern Spanish mountains of Sierra De Guadarrama.

Antonio's Raw Organic Chestnut Honey is a deep and malty tasting tree honey. It has a beautiful rich and nutty flavour, which many people adore. Chestnut can lend a bitter taste to honey but not always, it is known to be one of the most varied types of honey in taste, differing greatly from one area to another. This honey comes from bees feeding on Sweet Chestnut trees. It is quite different from the blossom varieties which are light and subtle, this is dark and more potent.

More on the flavour: Antonio's raw chestnut honey is a beautiful deep flavoured variety. It has slight caramel notes as well as a deep sweetness and a touch of bitterness too. These tree type honey varieties tend to be more favoured by adults as children tend not to like the deeper complex tasting honey types.

Colour? Mid to dark brown, a slight red in the light.

Where does the honey come from?  This variety of chestnut honey comes from the mountains around Burgos in northern-central Spain.

Who produces the honey?  The bees of Antonio Simone, a 4th generation beekeeper who takes pride in producing honey in a traditional way without adding or taking away anything.

Antonio's hives are mainly based in the mountains north of Madrid. 

What about the tree that the honey comes from? The sweet chestnut tree, also known as Castano in Spanish, is a large deciduous tree which produces edible nuts. The bees love to feed on the sap that comes from the tree as well as the blossoms that it produces. The tree lends a beautiful and unique taste to the honey. The nutty flavour carries through as well as a taste a little similar to maple syrup but slightly more rich and malty. 

Common Uses: Chestnut honey is particularly good to use in different recipes, such as: cakes, cookies, desert toppings, ice creams, warm honey teas, salads and meat glazes.

Also it is delicious poured over cheeses. This is because of the rich nutty and malty flavour it can lend.

More Chestnut Honey Facts: Chestnut honey is often higher in fructose than other types, this serves as good source of energy. Hence, a spoon of chestnut honey helps to relieve fatigue immediately.

For more information on the composition of raw honey please see the wiki link here:

What our Customers Say

We bought some of the chestnut honey from you at Brighton Food Festival. It is utterly divine, it's all eaten so please let us know when you have some more!


Very happy with the service and absolutely delighted with the honey. The dark chestnut honey has a very satisfying flavour and after taste. I take it with ghee (clarified butter) at bedtime for very sweet dreams. Thank you for providing a wonderful product.

Andrew, Stafford

Truly impressed with product and personal attention on the delivery requirements. The type of honey I would always wish to buy. Texture is rich almost a molasses, the raw chestnut with depth of flavour. Well done on this.

Keith, Guildford

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