I have found some very high quality raw Greek Pine honey.

Pine honey has more nutrients than other honeys,




It has a higher level of trace elements and mineral salts.

This is a honey produced in small quantities by the family of Nikolaos, his cousin produces it and Nikolaos sells it for him in the UK through two annual deliveries. Here is Nikolaos talking about the honey when he visited our honey depot this Tuesday with two boxes of this honey..

This really is a honey to savour and use sparingly. Perhaps when you have a sore throat or cough.Or for when you want to treat yourself by pouring some into a bowl of Greek yoghurt. Or maybe you might give it as a present. 

This raw Pine honey has a moisture content, 16.7, which is below average, a sign of good quality honey. 

What excited me about this pine honey is that it has other qualities, ranking it above most other honeys.

Firstly, it is a honeydew, which means it is higher in oligosaccharides than blossom honeys. These compounds are helpful in maintaining and promoting beneficial bacteria in the gut (probiotic bacteria), particularly after treatment with antibiotics. This basically means that oligosaccharides are a food that encourage beneficial bacteria in the human gut.

Below left you can see the nutritional analysis of this raw Pine honey and on the right you can a typical nutritional analysis of honey, shown on wikipedia. It is important to note that the level of vitamins in honey decreases over time and it is important to store honey in the dark to slow this decrease. 

Image shows nutrition facts for jar of pine honey, including vitamin levels, which are higher than in other honeys.Shows typical nutritional and vitamin composition of honey





















The honey comes mainly from the Aleppo pine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinus_halepensis). And Nikolaos's cousin has his hives are on this mountain on the Kassandra Peninsula. Learn how you can purchase this honey at http://www.therawhoneyshop.com/products/raw-greek-pine-honey-330gThe honey comes from Paliour on the Kassandra peninsula



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Is your pine honey a combination of honey plus pine resin or is it honey from pine blossoms?
Thank you.

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