Delicious Honey Gifts for Father's Day!

Father’s Day is almost here, so here are a few delicious, antibacterial and enzyme-rich honey sets that will impress you father wether or not he has tried raw honey or not before. 

Perfect on porridge, in tea or just in a tea spoon to boost his immunity, raw honey is a useful and thoughtful gift to give this Father's Day. 

Here are some of our picks and a bit about them: 


Multi Award Winning Organic Honey Gift Set + Free Propolis Soap 

The judges said about the Organic Oak Honey that it is "dark and sultry, with a thick and syrupy body & complex bittersweet aroma."

The Organic Pine Honey amazed the judges with its "deep caramel sweetness of dates and the aroma of pine needles and leather"


Artisan Greek Orange Blossom Honey in Traditional Clay Pot + Free Honey Dipper

This delicious Greek Orange Blossom is harvested in the orangeries of the Laconian country, in the Peloponnese (where the ancient Spartans used to live).

The clay pot is created by a local potter, a good friend of our beekeeper Thomas, who has a wonderful community of artisans. 


Raw Artisan New Zealand Manuka Honey Active 10+ & Jute Gift Bag

This top grade Manuka Honey is produced by the bees in an area surrounded by Native Forest in the Mount Bruce Conservation Reserve. Here wild Manuka grows up the mountainside. And the Ruamahunga river provides fresh mountain water for the bees to drink.

Strongly antibacterial, Coarse Filtered, Unpasteurised and Enzyme-Rich. 


Purest Raw Honey Antibacterial Set with Manuka and Buckwheat Honeys + 2 Free Testers

This set combines 4 beautiful Antibacterial Raw Honeys and has been created to enable you to benefit from two different types of antibacterial honey that can be used in different ways.


Rare & Premium Antibacterial Raw Honey Set with Manuka and Sidr Honeys

This set combines 2 of our rarest Antibacterial Raw Honeys. Includes a 250g jar of our highest grade 20+ Active Manuka Raw Honey and a 250g jar of the rare and legendary Raw Sidr Honey.

Artisan Greek Gift Bag with Raw Greek Thyme Honey, Loukoumi sweets & Jute Bag

The Raw Greek Thyme Honey has a mild and grassy foretaste like dry mountain herbs (You can really taste the thyme!), breaking into a large, fruity flavour similar to sweet and sour summer fruits such as raspberries and red currants, then dissipating quickly to a mild and clean finish.

In Greece, Turkish Delight, known as Loukoumi has been a very popular delicacy since the 19th century, famously produced in the city of Patras, Patrina Loukoumia. Covered in a light dusting of icing sugar this makes a lovely traditional Greek sweet treat.


You can find all of these sets on our website by clicking on their names in the article or by going to the collection page here:


Kind regards, 

The Raw Honey Shop Team  

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