Greek beekeeper Thomas comes to rescue the Wildcat Community beekeeping project

You probably have seen it on our social media pages, the Wildcat Wilderness community in Catford, London, has been the victim of a terrible vandalism early July: They found their site completely sacked with their pond (where the Queen Bee was secretly nesting) knocked over and their bee hives destroyed and flooded, causing the drowning of the bees and the loss of a whole colony. The culprits broke in four times in a week. 

We were astonished and very sad to hear about the disaster and did our best to share their website and ask for help. On a very positive note, our young Greek beekeeper rang us up and very kindly decided to offer his help by donating a brand new homemade bee hive, which he did shortly after, to help the community grow their project back again. 

Thomas flew to London last week and along with Alice and Tai, went to Catford to bring the hive. Needless to say the community was over the moon for such a wonderful gesture and was happier than ever to meet all of us. 

Maria, the project manager took us through the site they started building three years ago. It is an amazing, quiet place in London, away from any noise and full of fruit trees and beautiful wildflife. Their project consists of welcoming groups of children and adults and introducing them to the flora and nature and teaching them how to grow plants and flowers.

I will be posting photos I took during our day up in Catford on both our Instagram and Facebook pages, so as usual, make sure to stay tuned!


In the meantime, here's a video of Maria who makes an in-depth summary for you about the beautiful project and site.


Alice, from the RHS :)



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