On behalf of all of us at The Raw Honey Shop, Ramadan Mubarak!

To all our Muslim customers, we really hope you have a wonderful Ramadan! We can’t imagine fasting such long hours and think it’s an incredibly brave and inspiring thing to do!

A good friend of the Raw Honey Shop, Arfa Saira, emailed us with one of the recipes she uses to keep her energy levels, stamina and hydration up during Ramadan – and suggested we share it. (And she’s going to share a few more recipes over the next few weeks.)

And here is Arfa Saira with her advice and recipe:

Fasting during the summer months means you have to be careful about flagging energy levels and dehydration – which is why during non-fasting hours, you should aim to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water if possible.

Your Suhoor or early morning meal should also set you up for the day and give you the nutrients you need to prevent hunger and low energy. Here’s a nutrient rich and absolutely delicious recipe to sustain you through the day.

It’s a filling and healthy smoothie which is packed full of protein, good fats and slow-release carbs to help you stay fuller for longer. Plus, the best thing about this recipe is that it takes 2 minutes to make in a blender.

The ingredients for the smoothie before blendingIngredients (serves 1):
1 banana
Handful of blueberries
2 tbsp of wholegrain oats
1 tbsp of wholenut peanut butter or almond butter
½ tsp of spirulina powder
1tbsp of Chia seeds
1tbsp of Raw honey such as Mountain honey
½ tsp of cinnamon powder

1 glass of milk (preferably almond or coconut milk)


Simply put all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. Pour over ice in a tall glass and enjoy!

Here’s what the ingredients can do for you
· Spirulina has an incredibly high protein count which stops hunger pangs and contains a wealth of macronutrients including vitamins, minerals and calcium. It’s one of the best superfoods available.
· The oats and banana provide slow-release carbs which stop you feeling tired and prevent you waking up feeling as if you’re famished!
· Chia seeds are loaded with protein and omega 3’s as well as antioxidants and are full of fibre, so are excellent at preventing constipation.
· Blueberries are also loaded with antioxidants and are great for helping to keep your brain sharp – making it perfect for the long hours of fasting!

· Cinnamon can help to balance your blood sugar levels and prevents you from the dreaded energy slump you would otherwise get after eating a big meal.

· Raw honey such as Mountain honey is a good replacement for processed sugar. Not only is it packed with enzymes and minerals, but its unique composition doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels in the same way as processed sugar – meaning you get sustained energy throughout the day. Plus, the Mountain is a honey that is has one of the highest antioxidant levels - an added benefit”

Thanks Arfa Saira for sharing your recipe.

Arfa Saira has offered to share a few more recipes for nutrient rich smoothies over the next few weeks – so look out for these. We're be posting them here.

Oh and if you want any raw Mountain honey then you can find it here.




Hi, Thanks for the wishes and for the announcement, I hope the best for you and your company and I can ensure that you provide a good product.

Best Regards

kamran hussain

kamran hussain

Thank you for ramadan wishes, always love the honey from the raw honey shop.
One of the best place to buy raw honey, and great customer service.



Thank you to all at YRHS for your lovely Ramadan wishes. How wonderful to share Arfa Saira’s Ramadan recipes with us! Bless her. Looking forward to trying it God willing. Feel the buzz already. God bless you all.

Best regards


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