As a raw honey enthusiast, I have long been captivated by the unique flavours and stories behind each jar of honey. One of the most fascinating varieties I've come across is Antonio's Platinum Rosemary Honey, which is from the remote mountain apiaries of Spain's Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park.

After years of waiting, I finally had the opportunity to embark on a long-awaited adventure to uncover the secrets behind this award-winning honey.

The Journey Begins:
In early spring, I received a call from Dani, Antonio's son, informing me that the Rosemary was about to bloom. With anticipation building, my colleague Claire and I swiftly organised our trip to Madrid. Our mission was not only to witness the breath taking Rosemary covered mountainsides but also to spend time with Dani and Ruben, Antonio's son-in-law, who have largely taken over the running of the beekeeping operations

Into the Mountains:
As we drove away from the bustling streets of Madrid, the landscape transformed into a stunning mosaic of mountains and valleys. The higher we climbed, the more the air filled with the distinct aroma of Rosemary. Suddenly, Ruben veered off the main road, and we found ourselves bouncing along a rugged track, the van jostling us with each bump.

[Insert video of the drive through the mountains]

Amidst the Rosemary Shrubs:
We finally reached a small hollow surrounded by aromatic Rosemary shrubs, where we donned our protective suits and joined Dani and Ruben in inspecting the hives. The chilly winds kept most of the bees inside, but Dani assured us that they had been hard at work during the milder spells, as evidenced by the glistening combs laden with fragrant honey.

[Insert photo of the beekeepers inspecting the hives]

A Taste of Terroir:
After visiting a second, even more remote apiary near Torrelaguna, Dani opened a jar of the freshly harvested Rosemary honey for us to sample. The aroma was extraordinary – a delicate balance of herbal notes and a soft, sweet undertone. As I savoured the honey, I realized that this was a true reflection of the untamed Spanish landscape – the result of the perfect combination of sun, mountain air, soil, and the dedication of the beekeepers.

[Insert photo of the Rosemary honey being sampled]

The Legacy Continues:

This is Ruben on the left with Dani on the right, with a pencil drawing from a loyal customer of Antonio Simon

It was heartening to witness the deep respect Dani and Ruben have for the land and the traditional beekeeping methods passed down from Antonio. Their commitment to sustainability ensures that future harvests will maintain the same exceptional flavour profile that has earned Antonio's Rosemary Honey its prestigious reputation.

As we journeyed back to Madrid, I couldn't help but feel a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to have experienced the story behind Antonio's Platinum Rosemary Honey first hand. This adventure not only reinforced my appreciation for the artistry and dedication of beekeepers like Antonio, Dani, and Ruben but also deepened my understanding of the incredible impact that terroir has on the flavour and character of raw honey.

[Insert photo of the beekeepers with their hives]

I hope that by sharing this story, I can inspire others to seek out and savour the unique and exquisite raw honeys that are born from the passion and hard work of beekeepers around the world. Stay tuned for more tales of my raw honey adventures!

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