Raw Metcalfa Honeydew Honey - 1kg


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* Unique one-off riverbank honey - from the banks of the Evros river in Greece
* Cold-pressed
* Unpasteurised
* Coarse-filtered
* 100% Raw Wilderness Honey
* From artisan beekeeper Menelaos

Back on a hot May day I drove with Asterios, our main Greek beekeeper, along a track that bounds the river Evros - right on the border with Turkey. I could hear warblers singing in the reeds flanking this river and admired the flowers that were abundant at that time in the marshy river margins.

I didn't know then that Asterios' friend Menelaos had hives on that very same river. And in the autumn Asterios told me Menelaos had 200kg of Metcalfa honey to spare, from his riverbank hives.  I snapped them up. It is a honey that is rarely available - and I have never heard of it made from riverbank plants. Knowing Menelaos already from his extremely potent Oak honey, I knew it would be good. He is a scrupulous raw honey producer. Anyway, here are the details.

Raw Metcalfa Honeydew Honey: This honeydew is created with the help of the insect Metcalfa, that causes plants to bleed their nutritious sap, which the bees harvest. This honey comes from the stems of riverbank plants such as reeds. 

The flavour: This honeydew honey has a fairly mild flavour although I do notice a slightly spicey aroma. You will find it fruity with orangey notes that are followed by lingering slightly sour notes that remind me of the juice from a dark purple berry, such as Blueberry. This lingers for some time in the mouth.

The Beekeeper : Asterios is one of the most genuine people you could ever meet. His aim is always to present us with the highest quality raw honey possible. He is lucky enough to have an amazing network of fellow artisan Greek beekeepers. This honey is bought to you by one such beekeeper, called Menelaos. For Asterios and Menelaos beekeeping is an art and they are excited that their honey will be appreciated in the UK.

Colour - This is a relatively light honey

Honey State -  Runny at the time of writing. When crystallised it has fine crystals.

Why Raw Honey is different to Processed Honey - Raw honey generally means the honey has come from the hive to the jar with minimal interference. Most supermarket honey is highly processed to make it look more attractive, it has often been largely drained of pollen and is often heated and blended. Raw honey tends to vary from batch to batch, this is because it is not processed in a factory, filtered or heated to make it  look homogeneous. Proper raw honey changes with the season and climate and what the bees feed on. Each batch tastes different.

Please know that raw honey does crystalise and this is a natural process that occurs mainly due to the natural glucose in raw honey. For more information on why honey sets visit this article and for a more scientific explanation go to wikipedia.

About Us - Here at The Raw Honey Shop we take honey very seriously and we believe honey should be RAW, unpasteurised and 100% natural. Since 2008 we've been introducing our customers to a whole new world of pure all natural unpasteurised raw honey. With a product catalogue consisting of over 30 different raw and organic honeys we have a variety to suit all tastes.

Thank you for visiting our shop and we look forward to introducing you to a world of raw, pure and truly wonderful natural honey, the way the bees would want it!

*Product photo is representative of this product. Honey colour and texture may vary.  The video shows the honey in its runny state. Please check the product title and description for accurate contents.*


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