This is Mount Agrafa where much of Thomas' VERY raw honey comes from including the Oak, Fir, Pine and Mountain that has just been delivered (18-Jan-18).  This is an incredible area of wilderness with bears and much wildlife.

Thomas and his family run quite a small operation and follow the principles we are keen on. Completely raw,  they leave enough honey to get the bees through the winter, the hives are away from areas of pesticides and herbicides. 

Thomas and his father Giorgios are working on getting organic certification and we expect that to come in the next year or two - it takes a while. 

Just last week we got a delivery of the last of his honey until later this year, including the very thick Oak. As well as 960g jars there are some 5kg tins of the Oak and a few of the other honeys.

Here's Thomas and his family. Left to right you can see Thomas, Panos (cousin), Giorgios (Father), Kostas (uncle) and Elena (sister).

And here's one of the beautiful tins that Thomas has sent the 5kg honeys in.

You can find Thomas' and his family's honeys here if you want to read more details on the different types. Because it is very raw and has lots of the good bits in (pollen, propolis, beeswax and sometimes royal jelly) this honey does set quite quickly. 

You can return it to liquid by placing it on a radiator (resting on a book to stop it getting too much direct heat) and draped with a tea towel (to retain the heat around the jar).