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Pure and Natural Bargain Box: Raw Orange Blossom Honey - 12 x 250g - The Raw Honey Shop

Bargain Box: Raw Orange Blossom Honey - 12 x 250g

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Beautiful all-natural, raw, unpasteurised Spanish honey.

Produced in the untouched landscape of the Catalonian Pyrenees.

Pure, coarse-filtered honey from small-scale traditional beekeepers, and always 100% RAW!

Perfect gifts for honey lovers, family, and friends.

Includes: 12 x 250g jars of Raw Orange Blossom Honey.

Rossend's raw orange blossom honey is a very pleasing and light honey. A favourite of children, it has just a subtle and delicate taste of orange and a hint herbal flora.

More on the flavour - This is a very pleasant tasting citrus tree blossom honey, it is mild and has a gentle hint of orange. It comes from bees feeding on the blossoms of the Mediterranean orange trees, different from the tree honey which comes from sap, these blossom honey varieties are much lighter in taste and colour and tend to set quicker due to higher glucose levels.

Colour - This particular honey is light yellow in colour, slightly pale in the light.

Where does the honey come from? This variety of orange blossom honey comes from Catalonia in Spain along the coast down towards Valencia. 

Who produces the honey? This orange blossom honey comes from Rossend. He treats honey like and art form and you can really tell, it has such a perfect consistency and the varieties range from very subtle to very overt. He has won many awards for his honey including from the well renowned iTQi (International Taste and Quality Institute) who rated several of his honey varieties in the superior taste award top category.

What about the tree the honey comes from? The orange tree also known as azahar in Spanish is beautiful fruit producing citrus tree, which boasts dazzling white blossoms when flowering.

Common Uses: Orange blossom honey is particularly good to use in different recipes, such as: salads, yoghurts, glazes for meats and to add a unique zing to a dish.

Orange Blossom Honey Facts: The Mediterranean area is famed for its wide variety of orange blossom honey, ranging from very clear light honey from small oranges to potent flavourful orange blossom honey with a prominent taste of orange.

What our Customers Say

Excellent service, prompt delivery and good quality honey, exactly as described. We tried the orange blossom and sunflower, both are delicious. We will certainly be ordering more.

Garry, Stoke on Trent

Please know that raw honey does crystallise and is a natural process that occurs due to the natural glucose, the sediment you get in raw honey and air temperature is also a factor. For more information on why honey sets CLICK HERE -

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