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Pure and Natural Bargain Box: Raw Oak Honey - 12 x 500g - The Raw Honey Shop

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Bargain Box: Raw Oak Honey - 12 x 500g

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Beautiful all natural, raw, unpasteurised Spanish honey.

Includes: 12 x 500g Raw Spanish Oak Honey

From Antonio's hives in the northern Spanish mountains of Sierra De Guadarrama.

Naturally antibacterial, coarse filtered, unheated and enzyme rich.

Antonio's Raw Oak is a very deep and rich tasting tree honey; it has a fruitiness as well as a deep woody flavour. Oak is also known as a honeydew honey. Tree honey tends to be dark, have a stronger flavour and are less likely to set due to a low glucose content. 

More on the flavour: Antonio’s raw oak honey is a unique type amongst the tree varieties. It has a deep earthy taste with a touch of smokiness, quite savoury and not as sweet as other varieties.

This honey tends to be more popular with adults as children tend not to like the deeper and complex tasting honey types.

Colour: This particular oak honey is very dark in colour, almost black. Dark honey is more highly valued.

Where does the honey come from?  This variety of oak honey comes from the northern mountain ranges of Madrid in Spain known as Sierra De Guadarrama.

Who produces the honey?  The bees of Antonio Simone, a 4th generation beekeeper who takes pride in producing honey in a traditional way without adding or taking away anything. Antonio’s hives are based in the mountain ranges of north of Madrid, his beekeeping practices and the land he has his hives on have been certified as organic by the Committee of Organic Agriculture in Madrid

What about the tree that the honey comes from? The oak tree, also known as roble in Spanish, is a large deciduous tree which is surprisingly part of the beech family. Some oak trees can live over 1000 years! The bees love to feed on the sap that comes from the tree. The tree lends a beautiful and unique taste to the honey, a noticeable full flavour with smokey and malty notes.

Common Uses? Oak honey is particularly good to use in different recipes, such as: cakes, cookies, desert toppings, ice creams, warm honey teas, salads and meat glazes, this is because of its deep balsamic flavour it can lend.

More Oak Honey Facts: This particular type of oak honey comes from the acorns. The bees collect a sweet fluid that the acorns weep in July and August and create a unique type of honey known as honeydew. Many types of honeydew are produced by aphids initially with the bees collecting the residue left by the aphids but this is not the case with the oak honey. The bees directly collect the fluid from the acorns. It tends to be less sweet but very potent.

What our Customers Say

Love, love, love, love the Oak honey! Yes, fabulous, love the wholesome creation & taste of real nature in your mouth & soul. Thank you. Karine

I ordered 1 kilo of Oak honey and Eucalyptus honey. I have never tasted honey like it. They are so tasty and pure! Won't be buying honey from anywhere else again. Worth every penny. Rachel, Stockport

The honey we ordered is delicious. Our Oak honey arrive very quickly. Your service is excellent as is the information enclosed. Having tasted this, I am now a convert and will be ordering from you again in the future. Thank you so much. Jill, Shoreham

This honey reminds me of the honey on bread I had for tea as a kid, memories of sitting on our picnic on the park full of buttercups watching hundreds of bees taking nectar from them and showing the bees we had their honey which they were busy collecting, the dark full of flavour oaky taste especially lovelier being raw. Linda


Please know that raw honey does crystalize.  This is a natural process that occurs due to high levels of natural glucose separating from naturally occurring water. For more information on why honey sets



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This clearance item is not eligible for our normal extended returns policy.


About Us - Here at The Raw Honey Shop we take honey very seriously and we believe honey should be RAW, unpasteurised and 100% natural. Since 2008 we’ve been introducing our customers to a whole new world of pure all natural unpasteurised raw honey. With a product catalogue consisting of over 30 different raw and organic honeys we have a variety to suit all tastes. 

Thank you for visiting our shop and we look forward to introducing you to a world of raw, pure and truly wonderful natural honey, the way the bees would want it!

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