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Ramon's raw wild lavender honey is a beautiful mild honey with a very soft and subtle taste, much lighter than the lavender variety.

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More on the flavour: This is a very delicate and mild tasting herb flower honey, it has a warm floral flavour that most people love. It comes from bees feeding on the wild lavender bushes in the Mediterranean area, different from the tree sap honey which is often dark in appearance and strong in taste, this honey tends to be very mild, light and softer on the palette.

Colour: This particular honey is a light shade of red, going orange when setting.

Where does the honey come from?: This variety of wild lavender honey comes from Aragon in Spain, a largely untouched, wild and diverse landscape close to the French border at the north and borders with Valencia to the south.

Who produces this honey?: This wild lavender honey comes from Uncle Ramon, a Friendly hip beekeeper with a passion for traditional methods of honey production. Ramon produces a wide variety of different honey, all completely raw with nothing added or taken away.

What about the plant the honey comes from?: The wild lavender plant is a herbaceous perennial shrub also known as cantueso in Spanish. It tends to be short lived and has a wide amount of varieties in its genus. It is widely used as an essential oil in aromatherapy and is known to help relax and assist in better sleep and stress management.

Common Uses: Wild Lavender honey is particularly good to use as a skin care treatment to heal burns, cuts, abrasions and infections. It is also very versatile in different recipes, such as: a glaze for meats, with salads, cakes, flapjacks, breads pastas and teas.

Wild lavender honey facts: Wild lavender honey is a favourite of many due to its beautiful delicate flavour. It is said to assist in a good nights sleep if taken before bedtime.

What our Customers Say:

So called 'healthy options' still have all kinds of additives. It is fantastic to see that there are farmers/producers out there that are still following their ancestors trades without making any changes. I am in love with the Wild Lavender Honey

I like the lavender flavour, as it is new to me. I have always used raw honey in childhood which my father used to get it from the native people of hilly area. Your raw honey had been a big hit in my home here in london.   Lavender flavour is one of my favourite, both as a scent and taste. I would love to purchase this flavour in future too.

This honey was my first foray into the world  of 'proper honey', that is unpasteurised untreated natural raw honey. I absolutely was not expecting it to taste so beautiful, at this time I only had shop bought honey as a basis of comparison. The honey was a clear fairly pale colour, a sweetness that is so natural, nothing artificial about it.... I imagined being with the beekeepers opening the hive and just tasting it! The subtle lavender aftertaste was a delight, not overpowering at all. This had me hooked on raw honey from the start, and I came back to find more honeys to explore!  I can only equate the revelation of tasting real raw honey for the first time, with tasting fine wine for the first time.... In a vinyard... Not a supermarket! Exquisite.     


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