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Pure and Natural Fresh Frozen Raw Organic Royal Jelly - 100g - The Raw Honey Shop

Fresh Frozen Raw Organic Royal Jelly - 100g


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Fresh frozen organic royal jelly in a 100g container. Enough to last for between four and five months. This should be stored in your fridge if you are using it immediately or in your freezer if it is for later use.

Dose instructions: Start with around a pea-seized amount each day.

Where does the royal jelly come from? This royal jelly comes from La Rioja in Spain, a largely untouched, wild and diverse region in central to north Spain. The soil here is very rich and his hives are in a series of wild and mountainous national parks.

Who produces this royal jelly? This organic royal jelly comes from Alvaro, a beekeeper with a passion for producing beehive products of the very highest quality. His honeys have a full, rich flavour typical of many products from the region.

Important notices:


Fresh frozen items are sent in insulated boxes with an ice pack to keep them cool.  While in transit, the items may defrost.  This is normal and will not harm the quality of the items.  Fresh items are safe to remain in transit for up to one week and can be used as normal once received.

International Orders:

Please note that we are unable to ship fresh frozen goods to addresses outside the mainland UK. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee next day delivery for further away locations, and the frozen items could be damaged with the longer shipping times.


As soon as you receive it, be sure to put it either into the fridge for immediate use or the freezer for later use.

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