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Raw Almond Honey - 50g Tester


Ramons raw almond honey is a very pleasing and delicate honey, it has a clear taste of almond, creamy, mildly nutty and a hint of vanilla.

More on the flavour: This is a light tasting honey with a clear flavour of mild almonds and a hint of vanilla, it is classed as a tree blossom honey, coming from blossoms on the Mediterranean almond trees, different from the tree honey which comes from sap, these blossom honey varieties are much lighter in taste and colour and tend to set quicker due to higher glucose levels.

Colour: This particular honey is a golden brown when runny and light brown colour when set.

Where does the honey come from?:  This variety of almond honey comes from Aragon in Spain which is covered in almond trees. You can hear the buzzing in the air whenever you are near the trees. Aragon is a largely untouched, wild and diverse landscape close to the French border at the north, and borders with Valencia to the south.

What about the tree the honey comes from?: The almond trees that grow in the present differ a lot from the early almond trees which were bitter and produced cyanide upon damage or crushing. Through selecting the sweet varieties over millennia a breed emerged that did not produce the toxic chemical and is now widely used and completely safe. Almond is the first flower in mid January to February and the one the bees go to first.

Who produces the honey?: This almond variety comes from Uncle Ramon, a friendly hip beekeeper with a passion for traditional methods of honey production. Ramon produces a wide variety of different honey, all completely raw with nothing added or taken away.

Honey Facts: Almond honey tends to be produced in 2 main areas, the Mediterranean and America, particularly California. Sadly many operations in the U.S. are heavily sprayed with pesticides which in turn have a very negative impact upon the bees and wildlife.

Common Uses: Almond honey is particularly good to use in different recipes, such as: cakes, flapjacks, deserts and teas. There is also a lovely recipe for honey glazed almonds that would suit this honey perfectly.

What our Customers Say:

I ordered the Almond & Lavender honey & both were so tasty and really smooth on the palate. Supermarket honey doesn't come close. I'm totally converted and will only be buying this raw honey from Aragon from now on. Thank you 'Uncle' Ramon

Emma, East Lothian

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