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Rossend's raw arbutus honey is an incredibly deep tasting type. It is quite bitter, like strong dark coffee and dark chocolate. It has a beautiful after taste, but many are put off by its initial medicinal flavour. This is a connoisseur variety for those with a love of unique and potent honey.

More on the flavour: This is a very potent tasting tree honey, it has a flavour similar to high quality black coffee and bitter dark chocolate. It is one of the most overt tasting varieties I have experienced! Very light in consistency but very dark brown in colour. A unique and rare type that is only found in good quantity in 3 places in the world, Portugal, Sardinia and Greece.

Colour: This particular honey is a very dark brown when runny with a shade of purple and a hint of deep red in the light.

Where does the honey come from? Our arbutus honey comes from Catalonia in Spain. The Catalonian Pyrenees are known for their pristine forests, high peaks and heavenly meadows, rushing rivers, winding streams and thundering waterfalls.

Who produces this honey? This arbutus honey comes from Rossend. He treats honey like an art form and you can really tell. It has such a perfect consistency and the varieties range from very subtle to very overt. He has won many awards for his honey including from the well renowned iTQi (International Taste and Quality Institute) who rated several of his honey varieties at the top level in the superior taste award category.

What about the plant the honey comes from? The Arbutus unedo bush is an evergreen, also known as modrono in Spanish and is nicknamed 'strawberry tree' due to its fruit that look a little like strawberry. However, these berries are not overly sweet, leaning more to acidic, but they are apparently very refreshing. The fruit of this bush is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Common uses: Arbutus honey is known as a gourmet honey by connoisseurs and those with adventurous tastes, so it really adds a unique flavour to dishes. Savoury foods really benefit from its rich, bittersweet taste.

Arbutus honey facts: Arbutus honey is a rare variety and one of the most potent tasting types you can find. It contains homogentisic acid which gives it its brown pigment as well as other unique properties.

What our customers Say

The Arbutus honey has to be one of the most complex honeys I've tasted to date. I have tried honey from all over the world and none compares to Atbutus for the intense flavour. No name given

The nearest thing I can compare it to is single malt whiskey. The whiskey from the Scottish Island of Islay boasts some the strongest and complex of all whiskeys especially Laphroag. They say that if you like this whiskey then you can drink any whiskey. So as a connoisseur of single malt whiskey I can say that Arbutus honey is on a par with the in depth and intense flavour of single Scottish whiskey. No name given

When you first taste the honey it has a chocolate taste followed by the rich taste of molasses. As you hold the honey in the mouth and roll your tongue around it, as you do when tasting malt whiskey, it releases a bitter taste like dark chocolate. This lingers when you swallow the honey and the aftertaste stays in the mouth for a few minutes just like the aftertaste of single malt whiskey. No name given

Some of the honey I purchase from you I use in drinks or pour over my cereal in the morning. But I think the best way to use Arbutus honey is to just use a tea spoon and taste it straight from the jar to appreciate its wonderful and complex taste. No name given

I say a special thank you to the bee's every time I have a spoonful of raw honey, if it wasn't for the bees we wouldn't survive. Glenn Miles

Please know that raw honey does crystalize and is a natural process that occurs due to high levels of natural glucose separating from naturally occurring liquids. For more information on why honey sets CLICK HERE - http://www.honey.com/images/uploads/general/crystallization.pdf

If you would like to add your comments on this particular honey, please use the following link: info@therawhoneyshop.com


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03 May 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Love it!

We really like the bitter flavour - we were forewarned. We will be buying more as we are eating this twice a day by the teaspoonful as a treat and hopefully benefitting from some health-giving properties.

26 April 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Raw Arbutus (Strawberry Tree) Honey

It’s has a bitter taste, but I still like it. However if you like sweet honey, this is not for you. Thank you, Sun Trigg

16 April 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom

It was for a friend of mine who has copd and is a larengectamy patient she takes it instead of sugar in her tea she says its a bit stronger than the one she was taking but she is taking it as far as I can see its helping her so all in all that's good

12 April 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom
No noticeably difference

I have started using this with my tea but notice it does not have any difference to the taste .i.e not sweet Am I doing something wrong or it is the wrong product ..?

07 April 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Raw Arbutus Honey

Absolutely unique flavour, the most unusual and distinctive honey we have ever tasted. We loved it immediately, knowing that it famously has a bitter taste which we were curious to try. This is a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, in a very pleasant way almost medicinal.

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