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Raw Beech & Oak Honey - 470g

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This product is in the End 2020 sale. Please note that there are no returns on sale products. This product is past its Best Before Date. Honey never goes off and is perfectly safe to eat when it has gone past its Best Before Date.

Ivan's raw beech and oak honey is a unique type amongst the tree varieties. It has a caramel taste with a touch of fruitiness as well as the subtle malt flavour that is more common with tree honey.

More on the flavour: This is a deep and rich tasting tree honey also known as honeydew honey. It has a beautiful rich flavour like a nutty caramel. This comes from bees feeding on the beech and oak trees in Bulgaria. Tree honey tends to be dark, have a deeper flavour in comparison with other varieties. It is also more suited to adults rather than children as it is a little stronger in taste.

Colour:This particular honey is brown in colour, slightly red in the light like dark amber.

Where does the honey come from?: This variety of beech and oak honey comes from Gorna Oryahovitsa in Bulgaria. It is situated at the northern foothill of the Tarnovo Elevations, a beautiful landscape with a rich and ancient history.

Who produces this honey?: This beech and oak variety comes from Ivan. A young and fastidious beekeeper who is very concerned with details and getting it just right. He has a systematic approach and colour codes his hives, this stops the bees getting confused and heading to the wrong hive where a fight may ensue! Ivan is going through organic certification and is in his last year, it takes 3 years to obtain.

What about the trees the honey comes from?: The oak tree also known as roble in Spanish is a large deciduous tree which is part of the beech family. Some oak trees can live over 1000 years! The bees love to feed on the sap that comes from the trees as well as the blossoms that they produce. The trees lend a beautiful and unique taste to the honey, a noticeable full flavour with fruity and malty notes.

Common Uses: Beech and oak honey is particularly good to use in different recipes, such as: cakes, cookies, desert toppings, ice creams, warm honey teas, salads and meat glazes, this is because of its warm balsamic flavour it can lend

Beech and Oak Honey Facts: This particular type of beech and oak honey comes from the Bulgarian oak trees and the Bulgarian beech trees, a rare and unique variety. An oak weevil burrows into the acorns on the oak tree which allows sweet sap to flow out for a usually 2 months of the year, often July and August. The bees will feed on that sap regularly until it turns bitter, then they will leave until the oak weevils start drilling again the next year and the sugary sap has returned.

What our Customers Say:

I think this honey hits the right spot for me I use it daily in my diet and my children love it compared to any other honey, it mixes well in anything iv'e used it for, it tastes really good not to sweet just right and is excellent in my diet couldn't do without it .

It has a very unusual taste allowing me to use it as a sweet or savoury additive to different foods.

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