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Pure and Natural Raw Greek Pine Blossom Honey - 330g - The Raw Honey Shop
Pure and Natural Raw Greek Pine Blossom Honey - 330g - The Raw Honey Shop

Raw Greek Pine Blossom Honey - 330g

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Nikolaos’ raw Greek pine blossom honey is a unique type amongst the tree varieties. It has a smooth taste with slightly sweet, smoky flavours and a medicinal bitter note, a hint of camphor and beautiful herb aftertaste. The strong flavour of this honey is loved by honey connoisseurs and the more adventurous but is not to everyone's taste.

More on the flavour: This is a very unique and pleasant tasting tree blossom honey. It has a slightly smokey taste with notes of herbs. It is lighter than many other tree honey varieties, and it generally stays runny for a very long time. It also has a low moisture content giving it a wonderfully thick consistency.

Colour: This particular honey is a golden orange colour.

Where does the honey come from?: This variety of Greek pine blossom honey comes from hives in Halkidiki on the on the Kassandra Peninsula in Greece overlooking Mount Olympus renowned for their natural beauty and preserved wilderness.

Who produces this honey?: This variety comes from Nikolaos who works with his cousin to produce premium quality honey that is much sought after all over the world. They are keen to make the highest quality honey without any processing or sugar feeding of bees. The honey is of a very high quality and not a large amount is often available, this makes it more expensive than our other varieties, but you will know why when you taste it. They select pristine areas in the mountainous regions of Halkidiki on the Kassandra Peninsula, a beautiful pristine area with a famed history.

What about the tree the honey comes from?: The pine tree is part of the conifer family, a resinous evergreen that can grow up to 80 metres in height. They generally live between 100 and 1000 years, sometimes even longer, the oldest one to date was found to be 4900 years old!

Common Uses: This honey is particularly good to use in Greek yoghurts, breads and ice cream, but perhaps best is to simply enjoy this delicious prized honey on its own.

Greek pine honey facts: This particular type of Greek pine blossom honey is of very high quality, its thickness and low moisture content show this. Honey from the pine trees has unique attributes, and recent studies have shown it to have great antibacterial properties.

What our Customers Say:

Rich and delish. I was so excited. The magical thing about this and all the other honey flavours is the direct connection to nature. I really enjoy knowing the name of the honey as I eat it on a hot buttered piece of finest granary toast.

Here are some of the hives. The Aleppo pines, that the bees mainly make the honey from, grow mainly on the Kassandra Peninsula, a remote area where no pesticides or herbicides are used. Neither are the bees given antibiotics or anything that could contaminate the honey. The beekeeper takes great care to ensure the hives are never put in areas where the honey could be contaminated.

Nutritional analysis of raw Pine honey from the Kassandra Peninsula, Greece

Here is the nutritional analysis of this batch of honey. It also has a below average moisture content, which is indicative of a high quality honey. Raw means this honey has not been pasteurised or put through a fine filter or had anything added or taken away from it. The vitamin content is per jar.

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