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Raw Herb & Wildflower Honey - 960g

Raw Herb & Wildflower Honey - 960g


Ivans raw herb and wildflower honey is a very unique variety, a sweet light floral taste with hints of menthol and herbs.

This is a very light and sweet tasting multifloral herb and wildflower honey. It has a clean fresh taste of herbs and flowers. It comes from bees feeding on the herb gardens the abandoned villages of Gorna Oryahovitsa in Bulgaria. These villages have turned into meadows and herb gardens over time where the bees love to forage.

This particular honey is a light golden yellow colour, going vivid sunburst yellow when setting.

Where does the honey come from? This variety of herb and wildflower honey comes from Gorna Oryahovitsa in Bulgaria. It is situated at the northern foothill of the Tarnovo Elevations, a beautiful landscape with a rich and ancient history. Abandoned villages dot the landscape which nature has reclaimed, these villages now host plains of herbs and wildflowers which the bees love to forage on.

Who produces this honey? This herb and wildflower variety comes from Ivan. A young and fastidious beekeeper who is very concerned with details and getting it just right. He has a systematic approach and colour codes his hives, this stops the bees getting confused and heading to the wrong hive where a fight may ensue! Ivan is going through organic certification and is in his last year, it takes 3 years to obtain.

What about the plants the honey comes from? The herbs and wildflowers that the bees food on to make this honey are: Chamomile, Pennyroyal mint, Spearmint, St John’s Wort, Lemon Balm (Melissa), Chicory, Nettle, Clover, Lucerne (Alfalfa), Yarrow, Thyme and Oregano.

Common Uses: Herb and wildflower honey is particularly good to use in herbal teas, it lends a beautiful light flavour which complements the tea and may assist in acting as a remedy for colds and flu. It is also very versatile in different recipes, such as: cakes, cookies, desert toppings, ice creams, warm honey teas, salads and meat glazes, this is because of its tart flavour adds a real zing to dishes.

Herb and Wildflower Honey Facts: Herb and wildflower honey can vary widely from different areas due to the unique range of plants the bees will be feeding on, these types of honey tend to set quickly, have large crystals and have a light floral taste.

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