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Raw Lemon Blossom Honey - 1kg

Raw Lemon Blossom Honey - 1kg


Ramon's raw lemon blossom honey is a very pleasing and light honey, a favourite of children. It has just a subtle and delicate taste of lemon with a hint of tartness.

More on the flavour: This is a light, sweet and mildly fruity tasting citrus tree blossom honey, it is very soft in flavour, with only a hint of lemon. It comes from bees feeding on the blossoms on the Mediterranean lemon trees, different from the tree honey which comes from sap. These blossom honey varieties are much lighter in taste and colour and tend to set quicker due to higher glucose levels.

Colour: This particular honey is light yellow in colour, slightly pale in the light.

Where does the honey come from?: This variety of lemon blossom honey comes from Aragon in Spain, a largely untouched, wild and diverse landscape close to the French border at the north and borders with Valencia to the south.

Who produces this honey?: This lemon blossom variety comes from Uncle Ramon, a friendly hip beekeeper with a passion for traditional methods of honey production. Ramon produces a wide variety of different honey, all completely raw with nothing added or taken away.

What about the tree the honey comes from? The lemon tree is a hardy citrus tree which is dominant around the warmer climates of the world and can even grow in cooler places too. It can flower more than once per year and a stunning aroma is present whenever it is in bloom.

Common Uses: Lemon blossom honey is particularly good to use in different recipes, such as: salads, an accompaniment with cheeses, adding to shellfish and beautiful in a light herbal tea.

Lemon Blossom Honey Facts: Lemon trees produce brilliant white blossoms that the bees adore. A light coloured honey is produced with a delicate flavour quite unlike the fruit, only a hint of the taste of lemon is there, a distant tartness and a clean yet subtle citrus taste.

What our Customers Say:

Lemon blossom raw honey is absolutely delicious. What a wonderful treat. I've heard so much about raw honey's healing properties. So now I have a double bonus, because of it's healing properties and wonderful scrumptious delicious taste, thank you
Sarah, Wakefield

I was very happy with service and the raw Lemon Blossom tastes divine. I know it is a healthier option for me instead of sugar. I will be buying more in the future and will be trying different varieties.
Emma, Peterlee, Co Durham

The lemon honey is fantastic, these raw honeys you have really taste wonderful on toast with tea. For me the best honey (Lemon Blossom) will make me a convert to raw honey.
Chris, Tring, Herts

I wanted to sample raw honey - never have. Reviews are impressive. Just got the honey today so it is too early. Service is fine. We have just tasted the lemon blossom - it's lovely - not too sweet.

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