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Raw, Unpasteurised & Incredibly Tasty.

Caramel taste with a touch of fruitiness and subtle malt undertones.

Dark brown in colour going slightly red, like dark amber in sunlight.

Produced in the untouched landscape of Aragon near Valencia in southern Spain.


Ramon's raw oak honey is a unique type amongst the tree varieties. It has a caramel taste with a touch of fruitiness as well as the subtle malt flavour that is more common with tree honey.

More on the flavour: This is a rich and fruity tasting tree honey. It has a rich and sweet malty flavour along with slightly earthy notes. Tree honey tends to be dark and is less likely to set due to a relatively low glucose content.

Colour: This particular honey is brown in colour, slightly red in the light like dark amber.

Please note that the colour of the current batch of raw oak honey is slightly lighter than indicated in the photo above.  This is due to the natural seasonal variations typical of all raw honey.

Where does the honey come from?: This variety of oak honey comes from Aragon in Spain, a largely untouched, wild and diverse landscape close to the French border at the north and borders with Valencia to the south.

Who produces this honey?: This oak variety comes from Uncle Ramon, a friendly hip beekeeper with a passion for traditional methods of honey production. Ramon produces a wide variety of different honey, all completely raw with nothing added or taken away. 

What about the tree the honey comes from?: The oak tree also known as encina in Spanish is an evergreen tree which is part of the beech family.  It tends to be smaller than the oak trees we are used to. The bees love to feed on a sap that comes from the acorns in late Summer. The tree lends a beautiful and unique taste to the honey, a noticeable full flavour with fruity and malty notes.

Common Uses: Oak honey is good to use in recipes such as cakes, cookies, desert toppings, ice creams, warm honey teas, salads and meat glazes. This is because of its warm, balsamic flavour.

Oak Honey Facts: Oak honey comes from the acorns of the oak tree. The bees collect a sweet nectar that the acorns weep in July and August and create a unique type of honey. Other types of tree honey are produced from the residue left by the activity of aphids on trees but this is not the case with the oak honey. The bees directly collect the sweet fluid from the acorns. It tends to be less sweet but very potent.

What our Customers Say:

Love, love, love, love the Oak honey! Yes fabulous, love the wholesome creation & taste of real nature in your mouth & soul. Thank you.


I have been using the raw oak honey in my turmeric juice and coffee now for over 2 weeks. I have to say I am extremely impressed at the taste and quantity needed, as a little goes a long way, It is not too sweet, no after taste like some honey and has a well rounded flavour, with no edge. Very impressed. I shall pop along when I am running low for another jar.  Thank You 


Please know that raw honey does crystalize.  This is a natural process that occurs due to the natural glucose separating from naturally occurring water. For more information on why honey sets click here: http://www.honey.com/images/uploads/general/crystallization.pdf


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*Product photo is representative of this product. Honey colour and texture may vary slightly depending on the season. Please check the product title and description for accurate contents.*


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