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Pure and Natural Raw Mountain Honey with Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly - 450g - The Raw Honey Shop

Raw Mountain Honey with Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly - 450g


This special product is a combination of organic mountain honey, organic bee pollen and organic royal jelly.

Coarse-filtered, unpasteurised, nutrient dense, and enzyme-rich. 

Because of the shorter season in the mountains there is less of this mountain honey available and thus it is more expensive than many other honeys.

Alvaro's Raw Mountain Honey starts with a dark, black tea tannin-like foretaste, easing into a very sweet and delicious main taste.  It has caramel notes coming in around an essence of deep, black raisins and prunes, leaving a slightly ferrous tingle on the tongue.

Because of the addition of pollen and royal jelly, this particular product also tastes strongly of the mild, dusty sweetness of the pollen grains with just a hint of royal jelly sourness in the aftertaste.

Colour: The base honey is darker in colour but lightened by the addition of the pollen, which results in a rich, bittersweet chocolate like colour.  

Where does this item come from? This mixture is made of products collected from national parks in Rioja in Spain, a largely untouched, wild and diverse region in central to north Spain. The soil here is very rich and his hives are well away from sources of pollution in the national parks.

Who produces this honey? This honey comes from Alvaro, a beekeeper with a passion for producing raw honey of the very highest quality.  His honeys have a full, rich flavour typical of many products from the region.

What about the plants the honey comes from? These can include chestnut, heather and oak as well as  blackberry and various herbs, like rosemary and wild lavender. The trees exude a sweet sap which the bees feed on, sometimes with the help of aphids who drill into the tree bark allowing the sap to flow out more freely.  Some also produce strongly-scented blossoms, which the bees love.

Common Uses: This item is particularly good for a boost to essential amino acid intake and has many other nutrients not normally found in honey in such large quantities. This is because of the addition of pollen and royal jelly, which are some of the most nutrient-desnse foods on Earth..

Mountain Honey Facts: Mountain honey tends to be a honey that is furthest away from sources of pollution, so is one of the purest honeys available. It's moisture content tends to be lower as well due to the lower levels of humidity in mountainous areas.

Composition: 88% organic honey, 10% organic bee pollen, 2% organic royal jelly

Please know that raw honey does crystalize and is a natural process that occurs due to high levels of natural glucose separating from naturally occurring liquids. For more information on why honey sets CLICK HERE - http://www.honey.com/images/uploads/general/crystallization.pdf

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