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Pure and Natural Raw Organic Oak Honey - 5kg - The Raw Honey Shop

Raw Organic Oak Honey - 5kg


Raw, all natural, unpasteurised & 100% organic.

Strong and fruity molasses scent with a hint of red grape juice and chokecherry blossoms.

Nearly black in the jar going a deep purple-red in the light like a dark, red amethyst.

Harvested in Rioja in Spain, a largely untouched, wild and diverse region in northern Spain.


Alvaro's raw oak honey is a unique type amongst varieties of tree honeys. It has a strong and fruity molasses scent with a touch of the tannins of red grape juice and chokecherry blossoms.  The flavour is reminiscent of a creamy, malty stout with an almost roasted, caramelised flavour lingering on the back of the tongue and without any bitterness.

This type of honey has a lower relative glucose content, which means it will be less likely to set quickly due to its natrually low glucose content. It is a little milder in flavour than our beekeeper Antonio's organic oak.

Colour: This particular honey is very dark in colour, nearly black in the jar going a deep purple-red in the light like a dark, red amethyst.

Where does the honey come from? This variety of oak honey comes from Rioja in Spain, a largely untouched, wild and diverse region in central to north Spain. The soil here is very rich and his hives are in a series of wild and mountainous national parks.

Who produces this honey? This oak variety comes from Alvaro, a beekeeper with a passion for producing raw honey of the very highest quality.  His honeys have a full, rich flavour typical of many products from the region.

What about the tree the honey comes from?: The oak tree (known as roble in Spanish) is part of the beech family.  It tends to be smaller than the oak trees we are used to.  The tree lends a beautiful and unique taste to the honey, a noticeable full flavour with fruity and malty notes.

Common Uses: Oak honey is particularly good to use in recipes such as cakes, cookies, desert toppings, warm honey teas and meat glazes. This is because of its warm balsamic flavour.

Oak Honey Facts: Oak honey comes from the acorns of the oak tree. The bees collect a sweet nectar that the acorns weep in July and August and create a unique type of honey. Other types of tree honey are produced from the residue left by the activity of aphids on trees but this is not the case with the oak honey. The bees directly collect the sweet fluid from the acorns. It tends to be less sweet but very potent.

Please know that raw honey does crystalize.  This is a natural process that occurs due to the natural glucose separating from naturally occurring water. For more information on why honey sets click here: http://www.honey.com/images/uploads/general/crystallization.pdf


About Us - Here at The Raw Honey Shop we take honey very seriously, and we believe honey should be RAW, unpasteurised and 100% natural. Since 2008 we’ve been introducing our customers to a whole new world of pure, all-natural, unpasteurised raw honey. With a product catalogue of over 30 different raw and organic honeys in a wide range of sizes, we have varieties to suit all tastes. 

Thank you for visiting our shop and we look forward to introducing you to the world of raw, pure and truly wonderful natural honey - the way the bees would want it!

*Product photo is representative of this product. Honey colour and texture may vary slightly depending on the season. Please check the product title and description for accurate contents.*

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