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Rossend's rosemary honeycomb is a very delicate variety, mildly sweet and a soft buttery taste with a hint of rosemary flower. It is suitable for all the family due to its fresh and light flavour.

More on the flavour: The honey in this comb is a very light and smooth tasting herb flower honey, it has a soft sweetness and a mild herbal taste. This comes from the bees feeding on the small flowers on the Mediterranean rosemary plant, different from the tree honey which comes from sap. This honey tends to be very mild and subtle and sets more quickly than others.

Can I eat the wax as well? Yes you can! It can be very chewy, so it makes for a good, natural alternative to chewing gum.

Colour: The honey in this particular honeycomb is a very light yellow colour almost clear.

Where does the honeycomb come from?: It comes from Catalonia in Spain. The Catalonian Pyrenees are known for their pristine forests, high peaks and heavenly meadows, rushing rivers, winding streams and thundering waterfalls.

Who produces the honeycomb?: This rosemary honeycomb comes from Rossend. He treats honey like and art form and you can really tell, it has such a perfect consistency and the varieties range from very subtle to very overt. He has won many awards for his honey including from the well renowned iTQi (International Taste and Quality Institute) who rated several of his honey varieties in the superior taste award category.

What about the plant the honey comes from? The rosemary herb is an evergreen plant growing up to 2 metres in height. It is also known as romero in Spanish which means dew of the sea when translated from Latin, as it would often be found by the sea boasting beautiful blue flowers.

Common Uses: Rosemary honey is particularly good to use in different recipes, such as: a glaze for meats, with salads, cakes, flapjacks, breads and teas.

Rosemary Honey Facts: Rosemary honey tends to be a very light variety. It has been much sought after throughout history, from the French monks to the Romans who collected it and held it in high regard.

 Please note: Due to natural variations in honeycomb, the weight of this product does vary slightly, but will be as close to the stated weight as possible.


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