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Raw Thyme Honey - 1kg


Ramon's raw thyme honey is a very mild honey, a subtle and distant hint of thyme and wild herbs with a creamy well rounded flavour.

More on the flavour: This is a light and creamy tasting herb honey, it has a delicate and subtle hint of thyme but it is not so prominent. It comes from bees feeding on the small flowers on the Mediterranean thyme plant. This is a very mild honey a little similar to tree blossom honey.

Colour: This particular honey is amber in colour, golden in the light.

Where does the honey come from?: This variety of thyme honey comes from Aragon in Spain, a largely untouched, wild and diverse landscape close to the French border at the north and borders with Valencia to the south.

Who produces this honey?: This thyme variety comes from Uncle Ramon, a friendly hip beekeeper with a passion for traditional methods of honey production. Ramon produces a wide variety of different honey, all completely raw with nothing added or taken away.
What about the plant the honey comes from?: The thyme plant also known as tomillo in Spanish, is an evergreen herb with many culinary, medicinal and ornamental uses. It tends to be found at higher altitudes as a perennial bush. It is harvested and used fresh, dried and even the oil extracted for use as a medicine.

Common Uses: Thyme honey is particularly good to use on the skin to exfoliate or help clear acne and blemishes. It is also very versatile in different recipes, such as: salads, an accompaniment with cheeses, adding to meat as a glaze and beautiful in a light herbal tea.

Thyme Honey Facts: Thyme honey is a favourite among many cultures, especially the Arabs. The herb is widely used in cooking and traditional cures so naturally the honey is widely popular too.

What our Customers Say:

Exquisite!! It's been a long time since I have tasted such beautiful honey. My favourite so far has to be the Thyme honey! Divine! Will deffo recommend!

Freddie, Bury

I have always loved Greek Thyme Honey, but a good source is hard to find , and always unbelievably expensive.  I decided to try your Spanish equivalent, and was delighted to find it absolutely delicious. And in my opinion, very reasonably priced. It has a fine aroma and beautiful flavour, and with Greek yogurt and Walnuts well, need it say more. In fact I gave a kilo of raw Thyme honey to a Greek friend for Christmas, and she thinks it's gorgeous.

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