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  • Because we liked this honey so much we bought the whole batch, and therefore Laimonas the beekeeper has given a special price, which enables us to offer this honey at a cheaper price than our other organic honeys.

    Standing in a Lithuanian wildflower meadow, is like stepping back to a time 70 years ago, in the UK, before industrial agriculture destroyed most of our rural landscapes. Here in Lithuania, the bees work the prolific wildflowers in idyllic meadows. In the case of this honey the meadow was next to the forest and there is a significant level of honeydew, which means this honey will crystallise slower than most Meadow Flower honeys. It also has a flavour that is quite different other most meadow flowers.

    • Cold pressed , coarse filtered 

    • Wilderness honey 

    • Unique Northern honey 

    • Artisan beekeeper 
    • Takes longer to crystallise than other meadow flower honey varieties because of the honeydew in this batch.
    • 100% Raw, completely natural, certified organic 

    Where does the honey come from? Beekeeper Laimonas has his hives, in the wild northern forests and wildflower meadows of Lithuania in places which are untouched by the industrial agriculture that blights much of Europe.

    Flavour:  This is a bit different to previous years. The hives were in a wild flower meadow next to the forest and the bees collected quite a lot of honeydew from the Spruce trees growing in the forest. This gives it quite an unusual flavour, I detect slightly spicy notes, which I think comes from the Spruce.  Also, hints of fennel and the taste of the syrupy liquid you get with stewed plums or other summer tree fruits.

    Colour:  Medium brown, not as light as most meadow flower honeys and not as dark as tree honeys.

    Who produces the honey?  Beekeeper Laimonas follows an ancient tradition of beekeeping handed down from his grandparents and his grandparents' grandparents. This heritage gives him a deep knowledge of bees and honey which enables him to produce very high quality honey from his bees in the northern forests and meadows.

    Crystallisation:-  Please know that raw honey does crystallise and is a natural process of raw honey (therefore we cannot except returns on honey that may have crystallised). We indicate on the website the state of each honey - either runny or crystallised but be aware this is to the best of our knowledge and the state can change quickly.   If you want your honey runny and it has crystallised it's very easy to return it to runny go to this link Runny Honey or see this section under our FAQ's Why Is My Honey Crystallised?

    We only supply raw honey because we believe this is how all honey should be.  If you don't want your honey to crystallise then raw honey probably isn't for you.
    For more information on why honey sets visit this article and for a more scientific explanation go to wikipedia.org, search ‘honey’ and then go to the section headed ‘Physical and chemical properties’

    About Us - Here at The Raw Honey Shop we take honey very seriously and we believe honey should be RAW, unpasteurised and 100% natural. Since 2008 we've been introducing our customers to a whole new world of pure all-natural unpasteurised raw honey. With a product catalogue consisting of over 30 different raw and organic honeys we have a variety to suit all tastes.

    Thank you for visiting our shop and we look forward to introducing you to a world of raw, pure and truly wonderful natural honey, the way the bees would want it!

    *Product photo is representative of this product. Honey colour and texture may vary depending on the season and level of crystallisation. Please check the product title and description for accurate contents.*

Please note we cannot accept returns on this honey due to its size.   If your tub or tin arrives slightly damaged and leaking, we are happy to give you a partial refund on the amount of honey you feel has been lost. Unfortunately, we cannot replace whole tins or tubs unless more then 50% of the honey has been lost. We would then request you send us pictures so that we can assess the damage and agree the replacement.


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